Red Pill Orgasm by Halfbreed


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In a part of the internet that specifically (and to be frank, only) goes for one-night stands, the idea of making sure that the girl has an orgasm is preposterous and ludicrous. If you’re never going to see that “slut” again, why should you care if she got off or not? You got yours, right? So what if she didn’t?

The “I got mine, so fuck you” mindset is something only a selfish, immature child would have. While this might be a “proper” strategy for drunken you’ll-never-see-her-again hookups, it’s not a particularly great method for maintaining a healthy sexual relationship. Unless you have some kind of emotional issue or you’re sleeping with a lot of low-quality girls (fat, ugly, crazy), you would want to have some “repeat business,” and the drunken “pump-cum-leave” method won’t cut the mustard.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I am of the belief that the sex act should be pleasurable for both participants. So it was refreshing to come across Halfbreed’s concise yet information dense ebook:  Red Pill Orgasm.

This book is geared towards both beginners with little or no experience and for those who want to up their sex game to the next level.

“For many men, the female orgasm is a mystery. This guide will help. I’ll show you the most efficient ways to make women cum hard.”

Halfbreed does a fantastic job of walking you through the steps of becoming the guy girls brag to their friends about.

While you don’t actually get to the sex tips until the middle of the book, I found that the opening chapters are the most important because they address the basics that many guys probably don’t think about. For instance, if the girl has some sexual hangup, there’s a high probability that she won’t orgasm no matter what you do. He also stresses the importance of dealing with any issues you may have yourself, whether they be health, sexual, or mentally related.

I found the information in the foreplay chapter to be spot on with my own personal experiences via trial-and-error.

“Don’t rush foreplay. Your goal should be to build up the tension by delaying penetration for as long as possible.”

Moving on from foreplay and oral sex (if you like cunnilingus), you move into the meat of the guide, the chapters on sexual technique and positions. Since each chapter builds on the next one, foreplay and oral sex leads to penetration. Penetration leads to thrusting technique and hip movement. Thrusting and hip movement lead to different sex positions, and so on.

I found the chapter on Energy work to be a bit New Age-y, but considering Halfbreed’s background in Tai Chi and Chi Kung I can see where he’s coming from. Controlling movement of energy in your body could be solution to those that suffer from premature ejaculation or for those looking to last longer than they normally do.

Also there’s a few chapters in the end covering the more “advanced” topics like rough sex and anal sex, for those inclined.

To round it all off there’s a checklist at the end of the book that summarizes each of the main points of the chapters to give you a refresher in case you forgotten something and don’t want to search through the text for it.

So if you’re looking for a no-nonsense, no-BS book on making a woman cum hard, Halfbreed’s Red Pill Orgasm is the book with the vital information you need to have on your nightstand!

Click Here to purchase Red Pill Orgasm (also available at Amazon)

Did a Return of Kings Author Fabricate a Scenario to Help Support His Later Argument?



For some reason or another in the past few months I began reading RoK again (I don’t remember why). While there are a few good authors there (Kyle and Runsonmagic, for example), the rest I usually skip past after reading the first sentence/paragraph or so. Those in the “skips” are usually, in my opinion, crap.

I’m looking for grain, not chaff.

Usually, I approach each article with an open mind before deciding. However, when I read the latest piece from RoK’s supposed “Chief Investigative Journalist” Douglas, I was taken aback (emphasis mine):

I was blasting some paper at the range one day, to practice to keep my pimp hand strong, when a man struck up a conversation with me. Usually the discussions at the pistol range coalesce around politics and what weapons to buy. Well into this gentleman’s rant about the Second Amendment, current denizens of Washington DC and policies of ”blue” states, I noticed something. He was shooting a Kimber 45 caliber pistol. I interrupted his tirade and asked him that if he does not support the various policies of the states of New Jersey and New York, why did he purchase a product from those states. He stood there for a minute and contemplated the realization that his beliefs were inconsistent with his actions.

Nice straw man you built up and knocked over, Douglas.

Maybe it’s because I’m just not as enlightened because I have a STEM degree, but I know faulty logic when I see it.

Basically, his argument is that you shouldn’t buy a product from companies you support because they’re headquartered in a State you hate. Or, with this specific example, you should bankrupt Kimber because Cuomo is a gun-grabbing idiot Liberal (h/t Thirty Days to X).

Shall we all spite our faces by cutting off our noses now?


I’m going to go out on a limb and flat-out say he invented this whole scenario based on a few things:

First, with every indoor and outdoor range that I’ve been to I have never, ever, seen anyone have a heated conversation like this while shooting due to the ear protection you’re required to wear to stop hearing damage from the loud reports of the rifles and pistols (that whole “safety” thing). Also you’re there to shoot your gun, not chew the fat with the guy in the next lane. Now if you’re waiting for a lane because it’s busy, different story, but I’ve never observed that occurring either.

Second, the “guy” he describes talking to him sounds like a typical leftist caricature of a Tea Party supporter or Conservative (for comparison and reference, this author also has recently written “The Republican Party Needs to Go Away” Parts One and Two).

Third, in the real world a normal person would say “Um, that doesn’t make any sense, can you explain that better?” and not be “completely shut down” by an obviously dubious and weak argument.

Fourth, if I saw that “guy’s” gun I would first think “1911” before thinking “Kimber” like an average person who actually has some gun knowledge.

Fifth, why not say Kimber 1911? He already states he shoot guns, so why the odd description, as all 1911s are chambered for .45 ACP? Calling it a “Kimber 45 caliber pistol” is just about as broad as you can be (since they also make rifles too). It would be like me describing my M1903 rifle as a “Springfield 30 caliber rifle” or my pistols as “Sig Sauer 9mm pistol” and “Walther 22 pistol”

Hell, even a few of the commentors thought this position didn’t make any sense!


I stand by my original position that RoK has jumped the shark, and the quality of the writing there will only get worse and more clickbaity as time passes. I’m not a Super-Red Pill Alpha Male™ though, so who the hell am I to criticize, right?

La Biblioteca di Beppo: Southern Victory Series by Harry Turtledove


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Recently, I finished up the last book in Harry Turtledove’s Southern Victory/Timeline-191 series.  While they were fascinating reads initially, I put down the later books more and more to read other stuff.

I enjoy well written alternate history.  Turtledove’s earlier works, the Alternate History/Sci-Fi novel “Guns of the South” and the two novels covering the Japanese occupation of Hawaii following the Pearl Harbor attack (“Days of Infamy” and “End of the Beginning“), convinced me that this relatively long series was worth adding to my “to read” list.

What I did like was the alternative world that Turtledove built, because you could imagine that this would’ve happened if the South won the Civil War (“War of Succession” in the books).  He also illustrates the difference of this world by using different words for objects. For example, “wireless” instead of “radio,” “Y-range” instead of “Radar,” “Barrel” instead of “Tank,” and “superbomb” instead of “atom bomb.”

Even though the world he built was vivid and full of characters with different personalities, I did have some complaints the more I read into the series.

First, It was galling to read over and over again about how the Northern tobacco was terrible in comparison to the South’s.  It seemed as though Turtledove needed to keep mentioning this just to boost his word-count (the biggest complaint on Amazon’s reviews actually).  Second, some of the secondary characters were in the story much longer than necessary (the coffeehouse owner who was a former whore and hated men because of it, and the well-educated black butler are examples).  Turtledove seemed to realize this in the midst of writing and remedied this problem by abruptly killing the character off.  Third, he tried really hard to create in the CSA a Nazi Party analog, the rise of a Hitler-like character, and the set up for the later genocide of “undesirables.”  However, the effort fell flat.  No matter what this Party did in his books, the real world Nazis did things much more brutally and efficiently.  I’ve read enough about Nazi Germany to know this for a fact.  Finally, it felt as though he rushed out the later books just to finish up and get the arc over with, as the quality of the writing wasn’t up to par with his earlier books.

Overall, I did enjoy the books.  So if you’re interested in alternative history, this series is worth checking out.

A full review of each book (or series) would give away much of the story and plot, so I list a main point or two from each of the books.

How Few Remain

    • Twenty years after the South defeated the North, war breaks out once again due to the CSA purchasing some territory from Mexico

The Great War (American Front, Walk in Hell, Breakthroughs)

    • Covers what happens on the American continent after the assassination of the Archduke; where the USA and the CSA are drawn into fighting each other due to their respective alliances to Germany and France/Britain
    • Also, graphically details the horrors of trench warfare happening in America

American Empire (Blood and Iron, The Center Cannot Hold, The Victorious Opposition)

    • These novels correspond to the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression years

Settling Accounts (Return Engagement, Drive to the East, The Grapple, In at the Death)

    • These final four, and the longest of the bunch, novels cover the lead up to the second World War, the actual fighting, and its conclusion following the deployment of nuclear bombs

Awareness and Observation



After I finished washing a batch of dirty dishes, I walked out to the front part of the local fast food joint I worked at.  On the notices board, I saw a five dollar bill taped to a piece of paper.

Curiously, I moved in closer.  The paper had a note that read “be careful of counterfeits in the future!”  Puzzled, I examined the dollar for a moment, then took the sign down.

Walking into the manager’s office, I got out my wallet and gave her five dollars.

Manager (puzzled):  “Why do you want that fake?”

Beppo:  “It’s not a fake, it’s just from the 50’s and is different from what you’re used to.”


Right after the newly remodeled Men’s room was opened at work, I noticed that you couldn’t tell which stall was occupied.  After a few occasions of walking down the line pushing on doors and feeling like an idiot, something had to be more efficient.

Looking into the mirror one afternoon while washing my hands, I could see feet in the occupied stalls.  A simple glance into the mirror would show the open stalls.

Almost two years later, there are still those that go down the line trial-and-error fashion.


I’m out with my friends at a Buffalo gin mill, we’re playing darts.

Giacomo (nods to nearby booth):  “Hey, did you see that girl?  She’s cute.”

Beppo (glances over, then throws dart, misses triples):  “Yeah I did.  She’s here with her boyfriend though.”

Giacomo: “How do you…”

As if on cue, we see the girl get up and go kiss a guy at a nearby table, then put her head on his shoulder.

Giacomo:  “Wait, how did you know that?”

Beppo:  “I saw her come in with him awhile ago.  They were holding hands.”


The point of the above anecdotes is to do something that many nowadays have forgotten:  observe before acting.

A simple pause before doing something can save you trouble in the future.  As Augustus once said, “Make haste slowly.”

Manosphere Beefs



If you’ve been following me on Twitter the past few months, you’ve probably seen the hashtag #manospherebeefs a lot.

The idea behind this tag (originally coined by Tyler Vin) is to take the most outlandish absolutist statements or “out there” point-of-views from within the Manosphere and then satirize/parody/lampoon them.  Given the rich amount of source material currently available, it’s not that difficult.  The BS drama this past weekend (LaidNYC referred to it as “menstruating“), for example, gave a lot of material to work with.

Satire is difficult to do because if done wrong it becomes trolling or mean-spirited attacking.  So there’s a fine line that has to be walked in order to make it work properly.  Being that many guys in the Sphere are pretty intelligent, they pulled it off extremely well.

However a problem arose with some topics.  Well before taking the topic to its logical conclusion to engage the satire, it already goes beyond parody and then into the realm of the absurd.

Here are a few examples (links to originals in names):

Ace:  “Women are stupid for following their emotions.  So follow your dick everywhere, always.” #manospherebeefs

Beppo:  “Anyone online who says they’re an Alpha is just a keyboard-jockey.  Excluding myself of course, since I really am one.” #manospherebeefs

Tyler:  “If you treat Valentines Day any differently than any other day of the year, in any respect, you’re a faggot.” #manospherebeefs

Beppo:  “You need to do exactly what I do and take everything I say as gospel truth in order to become a freethinking man.” #manospherebeefs

Lucky:  @Tyler_Vin Looking at naked chicks you’re not banging is beta.  Do you even approach? #manospherebeefs

Beppo:  “You should sacrifice your job, health, family and meaningful relationships for what’s most important:  having a soft harem” #manospherebeefs

Tyler:  “Hand juicing is my intellectual property now.  If you so much as crush a grape without paying me, I will fight you.” #manospherebeefs


At this point some of you might be thinking:  “That sounds like beta ankle-biting, brah.  Are you some kinda pussy faggot loser?

(That would be another great example of #manospherebeefs, by the way.  And the answer is, no it isn’t and no I’m not.)

The underlying idea is not to attack or troll (notice there’s no specifically named persons or sites), but to highlight the absurdity in the direction the Manophere is currently moving and then pointing it out to others.  Such that, a man is forced to acknowledge that tiny ignored kernel of doubt in the back of his mind and think, “Wait a second, someone actually said something like that?  That’s fucked up.  I need to reevaluate and take stock of which views conflict with my personal ethics.”

Because heaven forbid you have a thought of your own, instead of adopting someone else’s without question in order to fit in with the crowd!

I’ve talked about it before, but I’ll list some supposedly “required stances” current in the Manosphere that cause me to raise my eyebrows.

  • The absolutist, black-or-white view of a world that is actually shades of gray. (eg. “All women are sluts!”, “Alphas do X, betas do Y, so do X or you’re a beta!”)
  • The convincing of an unknown number of men that any relationship deeper with a woman than a one night stand is “beta” or weak.
  • Advocating the eschewing of marriage and raising a family because the writer’s parents got divorced when he was a kid or he himself was dumped/divorced. (Yeah, I said it, deal with it.  This is the dirty little secret that many writers try to hide. Don’t believe me?  Do some digging on some of its most ardent supporters.)
  • Spending hours tearing down, ridiculing and mocking movements that exist nowhere else except on the internet. (eg. Hyper-feminism, Fat acceptance)
  • Supposedly being all for the free exchange of ideas, yet banning those that don’t conform to the site owner’s point-of-view.
  • The toxic effect that money has when injected into a “closed” population. (In my opinion, most of the actual beef is based on this and pageviews that drive it)
  • The rise of clickbait, listicles and image-heavy posts as a predominant method of “writing”.
  • A shift from actually undertaking self-improvement to finding a scapegoat for failures and doing nothing to address underlying causes or issues. (eg. Hypergamy, feminism)
  • The borderline rage and overall negativity of some (mostly this applies to commentors).


My livelihood* doesn’t depend on the internet. I could close up shop tomorrow and not be worried about money.

I don’t have a readership where I could either sic on people I disagree with, demand they kiss my ring or where they’d accept anything I say as gospel.

I don’t care about online “street cred”, since much of what I write is mainly cathartic and mostly for myself.

I’m not an “expert” in what would be considered the “core” of the Manosphere (seduction, money, fitness, style etc), and by stereotypical Manosphere standards I would probably be considered a “loser” and a “failure.”

I may not have been a founder of this corner of the web, but I’ve been around long enough to be genuinely concerned about the direction we may be going.


The core idea of the Manosphere is to spread information around, because the more information you have, the better conclusion you can draw after sifting through all the data.  Locking yourself away from other views because they challenge your current paradigm should be anathema to a supposed “free-thinking man.”

Besides, unless you have a pitifully weak ego and cannot handle criticism, you should be able to laugh at yourself.  That type of thing keeps you humble and makes you grow as a man.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this.


*Disclosure:  I have an Amazon Affiliate account and I probably won’t ever make enough to even buy a book with the commission.  Besides, anyone can get that affiliate easily since they approve everyone.


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