1000 Words Challenge Recap – 20 August 2016

20 August 2016

Probably the only thing I accomplished today was that I have recorded all the Hearts of Iron IV episodes out for the next three weeks. It was do them this weekend or next, either way I’ve have to sit down and bang out the episodes to cover. It’s not like I’m away for an entire week, but I record on Saturday and Sunday. I can’t record when I’m not at my desktop.

The Germany series is going well. The “historical” World War II is wrapping up, once I steamroll Canada that war should be done with. Interestingly, the long non-aggression pact I had with the Soviets got nullified and they attacked the Japanese. Being the Japs are my ally and in my faction, they asked for my help, which I accepted. While I have prepared for a war with Russia, I wanted to end the one with the Allies before ridding the world of Communism. Best laid plans, right? I think the series will probably wrap up somewhere in the upper 30’s or lower 40’s episode-wise. I’m probably going to do a USA playthrough next. From what I remember from me messing about when I first got the game, the USA’s beginnings are slow. No army. No manpower. No factories. No political power. It’s a very long start.

After getting those videos recorded, uploaded, described, named, and tagged, I took a shower. What I really wanted to do today was to shop for a birthday present for my niece, [Redacted]. I was thinking about getting her a book of fairy tales, so I went to one of the nearby Barnes and Nobles to go see if such a thing existed.

As I drove over the sunny skies I was greeted to when I went out from my apartment dimmed with the dark clouds rolling in from the west. The weather report said rain, when it would rain though, it didn’t say. I figured it would start up a little later in the afternoon and that I wouldn’t get caught in it at all.

It was still hot and stagnant out. There was a slight breeze, but was warm air, so it wasn’t refreshing. I drove with my windows up and the air conditioning blasting. I really hated having to do that, not getting fresh air, but Columbus seems to deem it necessary to not allow you to drive around with your windows down comfortably for almost two months out of the year.

I walked around BN for a little while before going back to the Children’s section to look around. After seeing a few prospects for gifts, I weighed my options about it. I wasn’t sure if that would be a good gift. Since they live in [State], anything I buy for her would have to be shipped. I left the section undecided and browsed through a few other sections before leaving to go home.

A couple drops of rain fell on my car as I was driving and I made doubly sure that my windows and sunroof were buttoned up. About an hour or so after getting home, the heavens opened up. The past few times it has rained here have been thunderstorms, which all seem to be of the same type. The wind will pick up and the rain will come down heavily for 15 to 20 minutes, and then stop. Occasionally there will be a few rumbles of thunder, but nothing sustained for a longer period of time. I was sitting on my couch playing Final Fantasy VIII. It had gotten so dark out that I had to turn on a light for a little while.

The rest of the afternoon was just me dicking around. I changed my mind twice about going to Mass, deciding to not go for the second week in a row. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m beat. There’s no real motivation for me to go and do stuff, since a lot of things are taken care of or not that important. I probably need some new thing to do as a bit of motivation. I don’t know. It always seems that the weekends slip away, and I wonder what the hell I was doing. Next thing you know, it’s Monday morning and I’m hitting the snooze alarm for the first time at 5:51. I need a real vacation.

I’m running out of things to talk about at the moment. I have to go and fold the sheets I took out of the dryer earlier, and also fold the clothes that are currently in the dryer. Things to do. It’s not like I’m going out anyways. I haven’t had the desire to do so in a long time. It really got boring after a while, and coupled with all the false-starts and flakes I had with the numbers I got, discouragement. The whole social circle thing down here is tough to penetrate, especially when you’re an outsider who goes out solo. People look at you funny. I remember one girl telling me, “Wow, you’re really brave for going out by yourself. I couldn’t do that!” That’s how odd it is to people down here about going out solo. If my workplace actually had people my age in it, I wouldn’t have this problem. But as I’ve said on my podcast, up until just a few years ago, I was a statistical outlier if you plotted the points as a distribution. Quite literally, every person in my department was finishing up their Ph.D. or first post-doc when I was starting high school.

How do you relate to that? Age-wise I’m an outsider there, and because of the temperament of people there, isolated because no one talks to each other. At least ¾ of my workgroup eats lunch at their desks! You can see why I really don’t enjoy heading out to work in the morning. And while this job has allowed me to buy (and pay off) a new car, buy (and then sell) a condo, and reach a level of money in the bank where I don’t have to meticulously watch my checking account; it’s not what I imagined myself doing when I went into the first day of CHE105 back in August 2002.

I need a change, desperately.

1000 Words Challenge Recap – 19 August 2016

19 August 2016

Today was long as usual. It didn’t help that I went to bed near midnight last night, and had unfulfilling night of sleep. I was wiped for most of the day. My morning coffee helped, but not enough to bring back the “up and at ‘em” attitude.

Surprising to myself, I was able to get myself out of bed at 6:18. I wanted to shave and knew I needed to get up sooner to allow for the extra time it takes. I even hit the snooze alarm again when it went off. After giving myself an internal slap, I rolled out of bed to take a shower and get dressed. At least when I shaved this morning, I didn’t need to use my styptic pencil on any cuts. I still put the post-shave balm on to soothe any possible razor burn or irritation.

Drove to work once again taking the connecting road. It’s so convenient now that there are two ways for me to get home or go places. It will, and already has, cut down on driving time significantly. I’ll have to test on Monday evening if going on a more “congested” way home is faster or not than going the “new” normal way home. The difference between the two is maybe 3 traffic lights.

In the mail today, I got a letter and a packet from Volkswagen explaining the settlement that they have to pay as a result of losing the court case against the government. Basically, it works out to either two options for me. One, I keep my car and they install a fix for the emissions system, also I get a check of a certain amount of money. Two, I trade in my car where that certain amount of money is added to the bluebook value of the car on trade-in. Personally, I’m going with the first option. The car runs great and I don’t want another car payment for 5-6 years. Besides, with my previous car it was practically falling apart when it had 80,000 miles on it. Fuck General Motors, and fuck their shitty, designed to fall apart after three years, poorly made cars. I know for a fact that I will never, ever buy GM again after the bullshit my previous car put me through (and that was with me taking really good care of it).

Looks like the weekend is going to be crappy again. Thunderstorms. I probably shouldn’t have a problem with getting my videos all set and ready for the coming week. Though with me going to be away for Labor Day weekend, I do need to start pushing ahead. Or I could not. I’ve taken breaks before. It’s not like I have a bunch of angry fans emailing me, “where are the videos?!?” I’ll survive.

471 words. God this is really starting to grate on me. It does feel like, and is, a chore to get through on a daily basis. And since I usually sit down and bang these out in one sitting, the time where I could be doing other things gets lost to this. At least I’m not typing “fuck this” over and over again. I am tempted though. This challenge does show that you can in fact write 1000 words per day, and in my case literally about non-events. Now imagine if you had a ton of adventures or interesting happenings? You’d have no problem with hitting that goal every day. Since this takes the place of a daily diary entry, it does have the added benefits of from my previous writing challenge. Though that blue light on the monitor does mess things up. I probably should install F.lux again, maybe.

Went down to the fitness center after work to try to do something constructive. Did 15 minutes (18 with cooldown) on the stationary bike, followed by a set of dips, hammer curls with 20 lbs dumbbells, and then cable tricep pulldowns. Nothing really fancy to be honest. I really need to get back into the habit of working out regularly again. I just need the routine. More “don’t break the chain” type stuff. Willpower stuff that most days I lack. Let’s face it, I’m lazy and most days I’m tired mentally. The last thing I want to do is curl weights, do pushups, run, bike, do dips, or any real physical activity. Swimming does help me do some cardio stuff with me making sure I can clear an entire length of the pool underwater (fast and medium speed). But when I finish doing that, I either float on my back or sit on the pool steps. And once I get tired of that or my fingers prune, I get out to dry off by sunbathing and reading a book. Which again, takes time.

It’s now 21:01, on most normal nights I’m already done with this and probably futzing around doing something else. Reading. Video games. Browsing Twitter. Netflix. YouTube. I still have 170 more words to write at this moment and I’m struggling to find things to talk about.

I did see Redhead by the pool when I was there, but didn’t bother her because she was deeply engrossed in a book with a ball cap pulled low over her eyes. I’m not sure where I stand with this girl. I really don’t know what to think. A lot of Manosphere and Red Pill advice says one thing, but a lot of time reality is a lot more nuanced than the black/white mentality of both those circles. Just have to remember to not be needy and that I have cojones. Personally, I would really like things to work out with her, she seems like a girl I would like to get to know better and later date (and yes, in case you’re wondering, she’s in amazing shape and is very cute). Just have to play it one day at a time.

Oh look, it seems with the ending of this sentence, I’ll have hit my goal. Funny how that always seems to work out, even with all my kvetching.

1000 Words Challenge Recap – 18 August 2016

18 August 2016

15:27. At the moment, I’m doing my usual “look like I’m busy for the last 45 to 30 minutes of the day” spiel. I figured I might as well get started for the day. Unfortunately, I’m now typing terrorist dead-drop style on an unsent email draft. For some reason, Word on my work computer isn’t opening, it kept getting hung up on the “Starting…” box. I don’t know. It’s not like I save my work there and email the drafts to myself, like an idiot.

For office culture survival, remember two things:

1. Never use your work email or internal IM programs to send personal stuff.

Since literally everything you send through your work’s network will be recorded and cached, never ever send anything compromising or possibly damaging through it. No talking about “getting shitfaced yesterday night and coming in hungover” to your buddy or creeping on the cute intern via IM. It’s a bad idea, and don’t be surprised if you get a sexual harassment suit or be dismissed for violating some part of “a misusing company assets policy”. Use your own email (browser/phone) to take care of things.

2. Don’t date your coworkers.

Especially when they’re in your department/floor. It’s a bad idea all around. Worse-case scenario is you get fired because your ex became vindictive (sexual harassment or hostile work environment). A slightly better – but still bad – scenario is the extremely awkward moments you’ll come across doing day-to-day stuff. It ain’t worth your career to dip your pen in the company ink. Go fishing in other waters.

19:13. I should’ve typed more while I was at work. Now I’m just scrambling to get to my quota because not much happens around these parts. That feels so lazy though. “Write about a bunch of boring bullshit to get to 1000 words, wipe hands, and call it a day.” I don’t know. There have been ways to make the monotony of my boring days seem more interesting, but I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep it up with confidence. For stuff to happen, during the week is a wash. Weekends are more likely for new things, but even then; I don’t know.

Might as well get back to the boring stuff.

I went to Kroger after work because I noticed that my shower drain was slow. I couldn’t tell if there was just a clump of my own hair I could remove from the drain because the drain plug for some reason wouldn’t unscrew properly to be removed. You could hear that there was a block, but things still could flow, albeit slowly. Anyways, I went into the store taking off my sunglasses and hanging them from my collar. Good thing my prescription isn’t that bad so I could still see without my glasses being on. After getting to the cleaning supplies aisle, I looked for the drain cleaners. They were on the bottom shelf. I was specifically looking for a clog cleaner that specifically dealt with hair. There was only one, a Liquid Plumbr one. It was my only option, so I took it up to the self-checkout, paid, and then left.

This morning the connecting road finally opened, so I drove my car to that closer route home and waited for the light to turn green. I made the turn and drove down the empty street, glad that my morning and evening commutes would be a little bit shorter. Even getting places in the future will be easier, instead of having to drive from the end of a dead-end street to get to the main road. Took them way too long to finish this connection, in my opinion. The time savings will be worth it though.

After getting back inside my apartment, I set the grocery bag containing the drain clearer on the counter and took out my water bottle and travel coffee mug. I dumped out the remaining water from the water bottle and shook it off over the sink. I made a mental note to put the dishes sitting there into the dishwasher after I ate dinner. For my coffee mug, I just removed the lid and rinsed out the inside and underneath the lid. After shaking that out too, I placed the mug and the water bottle next to my coffee maker for tomorrow. With that done, I put my bag on my normal chair and put the few pennies I had in my pocket into the small piggy bank on my counter. I took off my glasses and put them on the end table.

Once I took off my watch and rings, and put my keys, wallet, and pen on my dresser, I went to retrieve the grocery bag on my counter. Looking at the directions I read:

“Pour the whole bottle down the drain”
“Wait 15 minutes”
“Rinse/Flush with hot water”

Easy enough.

I pushed back the shower curtain and folded the tubmat over and away from the drain. As a precaution for fumes, I turned on the exhaust fan. Based on my reading of the ingredients, the ones that were listed, I figured there really wouldn’t be any. But, I always remember, “Be Prepared.” I unscrewed the cap and pulled back the underlying seal, getting a small blob of the stuff on my fingers. It didn’t burn, so that was a good sign. I slowly poured the heavy liquid down the drain, eventually overflowing it slightly and leaving a small pool surrounding the drainplug.

The stuff was so viscous that it just didn’t seem to empty out. Went it got down to a thin stream, I deemed that as “empty” and recapped the bottle. I headed back out to my kitchen and set the timer for 15 minutes. Now I had to wait. I tossed the “empty” bottle into my recycling bin and went back into the bathroom to wash my hands.

To kill time I watched a part of a video from one of my YouTube subscriptions, being interrupted midway to go flush the drain with hot water. Until the fluid got diluted by the water, I saw a bit of a backup into my tub. I did start and stop the water a few times to let the stuff drain out. Overall, the slowness of my drain was remedied.

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1000 Words Challenge Recap – 17 August 2016

17 August 2016

15:13. I’m starting to write today’s 1000 words early again, since I have to do my podcast tonight. To be honest, I’m really starting to look at my podcast as a hassle. I guess it’s because I really don’t go and specifically find things to talk about. The last month or so of them were just me talking about my day and week. And it looks like my 1000 words challenge is taking the place of that. Maybe I should shift to doing a “live” version on Friday night? I don’t know. It’s a lot of work for pretty much no return; my Let’s Plays make more money than the podcasts do by a longshot. I might suspend it or switch over to a biweekly or once-a-month show. At least then I would, in theory, have more to talk about. I also wouldn’t have to worry about having a show ready and scheduled for when I’m out of town. I don’t know.

Unsurprising to me, I’m slightly sore from the workout I did yesterday evening. Though a possible plus is that using the stationary bike has helped to stretch out my back slightly. I’m not as stiff as I was on Saturday. I don’t have a massage until next week, so I’ll have to work through this until I can have the knots taken away. For some reason, I scheduled the massage three weeks out instead of two. I was expecting to go this Friday, only to check my phone calendar to see that it’s next week. I must’ve been out of it more than usual when the girl asked me when I wanted to reschedule. It sucks that I really can’t do squats or deadlifts without my back tweaking. It was nice when I was doing the Stronglifts program I could see the increase in weight I was hoisting over time. The strength increases were great too. For the future with my fitness I’ll have to be extremely careful in what and how I do things. I really don’t want any permanent damage or injuries.

This morning I bit the bullet and started to put pomade back in my hair to control it. At the moment I have two choices; either I go get a haircut (buzz), or grow my hair back out so I actually have curls. The last few weeks I’ve been getting permanent bedhead because my hair thinks it’s long enough to curl. I’ve tried to push it straight for the most part, but it doesn’t help that I get a “point” on the top of my head and cowlicks after drying my hair off in the morning. Having straight hair would have made my life a lot easier. Less maintenance, less worrying about split ends, less money spent on hair products, and less caring about how my product-controlled curls will be fucked up when I take my shirt off or put a hat on. I might grow them out for a little while, and then probably buzz them off like I usually do.

18:33. Just finished recording and editing the podcast. As I wait for it to render, I’m going to bang out the last 500 words I need for today. In today’s episode I gave an update on this challenge and then went into a cautionary rant about being wary of those who completely shit on or disdain their hometowns. It was a decent twenty minute or so episode.

I always seem to find that the editing always takes the longest to do. All the starts and stops, the clicks and drags, and the hitting of the “delete” key seem to stretch it longer than the episode itself. Actually it does, since I do listen to the full episode in order to edit it. But even on the short episodes it seems to take forever. I always bitch about the editing, and if I was a better speaker I wouldn’t have to go through and edit out the pauses, snaps, and unnecessary “uhms” and “ya knows.” I’ve gotten better since I’ve started doing it almost 2 years ago.

At least by the time I finish typing this, the video for YouTube will be ready for upload and I can go through the process of writing the text for the blog, YouTube, and Soundcloud. I do pray that in the future I don’t have to upload this to any more places because it’s a pain in the ass.

In the midst of typing this, the video for YouTube finished rendering. So I set up the upload for YouTube and created the blogpost for the episode itself. A bunch of copy/pasting later, everything is all set and ready to go on Friday. Soundcloud has to be manual because they don’t have a scheduling feature, so I’ll have to log in tomorrow night and make it public by my own hand. That really is one feature I will Soundcloud would add, and add soon. It would make things a lot easier in the long run. Maybe I’ll even spring for the “Pro Unlimited” plan so I don’t have to keep track of how much space I have left in minutes. That’s maybe a “Year 3” thing to consider.

It is funny watching which file has priority when uploading. For some reason, the smaller mp3 file takes longer when a video is being uploaded at the same time. I know my upload speed is ~2.0 Mbps, so there should be space to go around, but who knows. With the crappy Time Warner Cable internet I have – and was my only option in my apartment – at least it’s going through. No more of the “Your Internet Connection Has Stopped” nonsense I had when I was living in North Carolina and had RoadRunner. God that was a pain in the ass. Normal Internet browsing was okay, but as soon as I started to use Netflix’s streaming service (new in 2007), and began to watch a movie, the thing couldn’t buffer enough to save its life.

1000 Words Challenge Recap – 16 August 2016

16 August 2016

Tuesday, Tuesday, at least it’s not Monday. I’m not exactly sure what I should be doing for my 1000 words today, only knowing that I’m going to somehow hack through it and talk about my boring as-per-usual day.

Things were fine at work. I came in and checked to see if there were any emails that needed my attention (two deletions). Following that I picked up a few things to do later on to keep me “occupied”. It was a normal morning so far. I drank my coffee and browsed all the internet stuff I had on my phone. Email. Twitter. WordPress. Facebook. JPL’s Space Images. YouTube Stats. And finally YouTube. Seeing that there wasn’t anything I really wanted to watch on my subscriptions, I swiped over to “Watch Later” and resumed a 100% speedrun of Final Fantasy VIII I started a few days ago. The whole video is over 11 hours long, so I’ve been doing a chunk here and there, even skipping to the next “event” based on the “benchmarks” list on the side. It’s interesting to watch, and kind of makes me want to fire up my “Disc One Lionheart” save on FFVIII and play it. Probably not, but it is a possibility for another rainy day.

That basically ate up about 45 minutes. I then buckled down and did some work for a while, only taking a break to go use the toilet for my daily dump. Since there was not much more work to do if I did finish the stuff I had, I took my time, as usual. Do some work, browse Twitter. Do some more work, check my RSS reader and read for a bit. Do some more work, check my non-work email. Basically, doing the same routine I’ve been doing for the past few years.

Since I know exactly how much effort to put in to get the results I want objective-wise, I just do that. Over performing my goals won’t (and hasn’t in the past) get me a better raise. They’ve even made our annual reviews almost meaningless because it is now impossible to get higher than “Meets Objectives”. A hard-cap on the maximum merit raise they’ll give you. So why should I stress myself out and fret about things when I know exactly what I need to do to meet those goals? I don’t. Besides, if they were going to fire me, they’d have to really find a reason to do so. As long as I keep my nose clean and my head down, I should be okay. At least until I find a new job (hopefully).

Since it has been raining a lot these past few days, the heat has been knocked down a lot. Once again, I can drive home with my windows open because it’s actually comfortable out for a change. While it did look like it was going to rain again while I was driving home, nothing fell. And as always, I’ve checked to make sure that my windows and sunroof are buttoned up before going inside my apartment. I really miss having a garage and that garage being attached. Maybe I could move to that other apartment complex that had both? But I would need to move again, and moving absolutely sucks. Maybe in the future.

Against my better judgement, I decided to head down to the fitness center to do some cardio on the stationary bike and maybe throw in some other things. I came home and got changed. Adidas shorts, white undershirt, no-show socks, and my Nike running shoes. Reaching in my bag, I got out both my iPod and the earbuds, feeding the cord under my shirt and plugging it into the iPod, which was then put into my left pocket. The earbuds were brought up around my neck from left to right temporarily. I usually don’t put them in until I reach the fitness center (to keep from getting hit by a car in the parking lot).

As I walked there I could feel a few drops of rain hitting me. They were fine drops. It was sprinkling. I brought my right hand up to cover the earbuds to hopefully protect the electronics from the elements. I did not increase my pace though, since there was no hurry. Opening the gate to the pool, I could hear and see a father watching his two kids swimming. It seeming they were trying to get a dip in before the rain came. I myself wondered if I would be going in myself after finishing my workout, deciding against it. Personally, I don’t mind going swimming when it’s cloudy out but the way the clouds looked and the weather report saying “Thunderstorms after 5PM” kind of make me err on the side of caution.

I got to the door and brought my keyfob up to unlock it, as I turned the handle and opened the door, I saw a flash of red moving off to the right. Redhead. If I didn’t beat her to opening it, she was going to open the door for me. I stepped in and she smiled brightly at me. Good sign. I smiled back and walked over to the stationary bike, adjusting the seat and putting my feet in the strapped pedals. Setting the timer for 12 minutes and the level to 4, I began the program.

A few minutes in, and after upping the level to 6, I realized that I should’ve done a little more stretching beforehand. My thighs were burning a bit and I could feel my knees slightly. Oh well. I wasn’t going crazy with pace, it looked like I was doing a consistent 79-82 RPM even when I bumped the level up. The time passed and I remember why I hate doing machine cardio so much: it’s boring. At least when I used to ride my bike around the block when I was a kid, there was a change of scenery, here, the wall and the digital display.

After finishing that I wiped off the seat and handles for the next person. Once I threw the cloth away, I stretched my arms and chest a bit so I could do some pushups. I did two sets. The first set I topped out at 32 before losing the ability to raise myself up. The second set I barely made it to 12. I tried dropping to my knees, but that didn’t help, so I finished. And because I didn’t think I was done punishing myself, I grabbed the 25 pound dumbbells off the rack to do 3 sets of shrugs. Those went fine, and I did start to feel the burn from that in the middle of the second set. A good pump. I ended with some tricep pulldowns to make up for not working them yesterday.

I finished up at about the same time Redhead did, and we walked back to our buildings while talking. We talked about the weather, swimming, and her being busy (and out of town) with family stuff. I really don’t know where I stand with her at the moment, but she’s talking with me when we see each other and also the warm smile I mentioned above. I think she’s interested but just not ready to actually go further yet.

Fortune will spin her wheel when the time comes.

1000 Words Challenge Recap – 15 August 2016

15 August 2016

I woke up this morning with my lower back feeling completely sore. Not good at all. I must’ve twisted it while sleeping or something. Thank God I have that massage coming up this Friday. It looks like it’s going to be another rainy day here in Columbus. A plus is that I don’t have a splitting sinus headache from the pressure change that usually accompanies stormy or rainy days. It rained for pretty much the entire weekend, so no swimming for me. I banged out my videos for the week on Saturday morning and did a stream Sunday afternoon. In addition to my normal weekend chores, it was fairly quiet and laid-back.

14:32. Damn, the day is just dragging. The ibuprofen (600 mg) I took earlier this morning took some of the edge off of my soreness, but didn’t make it go away totally. While it may be foolhardy, I am going to try to head down to the fitness center and do an arm and shoulder workout. I’ll have to be careful not to aggravate it further. Maybe I’ll see Redhead down there too.

There has been no real progress on the job searching front. One job I applied for on Friday up at Solar City in Buffalo, sent me an automated “Dear John” this morning. I expected that result, so no big deal. What does suck is that there are so many job hunters that employers can pick and choose who they want to talk to. It really sucks and is demoralizing. I’ve been looking to get out for almost 2 years now, and what do I have to show for it? Two phone interviews where both companies went radio silent after promising to get back to me “in two weeks with a decision.” And employers wonder why their employees have almost little to no loyalty to them. It’s really frustrating.

This 1000 words thing is getting tedious. I’m always coming back to the same problem I’ve always had: “What do I write about?” There has to be a better way to get through these things, either doing prompts (hello, 5th grade), or responding to BS I’ve seen on the internet. Both of these choices sound awful, with the latter a guaranteed way of blackening the soul. I don’t know if I’ll be able to actually get through a month of this challenge. One week so far isn’t that bad, I just need to keep pushing on. Eventually, things will start to click and I’ll (hopefully) write about different topics or ideas.

Once again, I’m writing my 1000 words at work. It seems that I’ll probably be doing this a lot in the coming days. This job I have is fairly easy and only requires a small amount of diligence to excel. Though, the company itself doesn’t promote based on merit at all. So with me absolutely killing it year after year didn’t help me to advance to the grade I was performing at. I didn’t “put in enough time”, just like a goddamned union shop or tenure-track academia.

I had given up even being rightfully promoted around the same time I started looking for a new job. The funny part is, that when I was finally promoted to the position I earned, I didn’t care. The great reviews didn’t matter. The letters of commendation didn’t matter. The special monetary recognition didn’t matter. I could’ve done the bare minimum and still have gotten to the same place I am today, and in the same timeframe too. Why bother having goals and objectives if the only way they matter is if you don’t meet them? It’s absolute lunacy.

15:01. Just an hour to go. I need to find something else to keep me occupied for the remaining time. While these 1000 words will eat up a portion of that, the problem is if there is any actual work left to be done. We’re being told constantly that “we’re sooooooo behind” yet I have to scrounge for stuff to do on an almost daily basis. It doesn’t help that I have to depend on others to complete things before they come to me to be done. Two people in particular in my group I would bounce for incompetence in a heartbeat. Both are lazy and even more importantly, slow. Especially in my job where time is of the necessity, since everything has a due date and it has to be done by then. I don’t voice these opinions because I want to keep my head down, and I also believe the “what comes around, goes around” saying is true. And I started to talk about work again.

I still have another 220 words to go at this point, and I think I’ll leave the rest for when I get home this evening.

18:25. I didn’t injure myself further doing a relatively quick workout. Hammer curls, shrugs, and tricep raises with a 20 pound dumbbell. I rounded things off by getting on the stationary bike and riding for 10 minutes. That ended up being a little over 2 miles by the time the timer ran up. The TV was on in the background, and I would’ve shut it off except that there was another guy doing his thing. I doubt he was watching it, but it would’ve been bad form to shut it off and get a “hey, I was watching…” nonsense. I turned up the volume a couple of clicks on the Tritonal podcast I was listening to.

Didn’t see Redhead.

Finishing up, I wiped down the bike’s chair and handles, and then walked out the door. The humidity (and surprisingly, heat) hit me in the face. I glanced over to the pool as I walked by, a couple of guys were in near the edge drinking beer. After mentally flipping a coin about swimming, I walked back to my apartment to take a shower and eat dinner. I had one of the hamburgers I grilled yesterday, which I accidentally poured way too much Hot Dog Sauce on it, since it was a new bottle.

Overall, it was just another average day.