One Year (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here.

The Middle

Location:  La casa di Venerdì, Columbus, OH

Time:  Late June 2011, 17.30

I glanced again at my schoolhouse-style wall clock, CommGirl was late.  Granted it was rush-hour and the routes to get to my condo usually were jammed with commuters trying to get home to their families, so I understood the delay, but I was getting hungry.  As I was walking to the bathroom, my phone chirped in my pocket.

CommGirl:  I’m outside! 🙂

I sighed.  The whole not-knocking-on-my-door-but-texting-instead thing was cute for a little while, but was becoming an annoying quirk real fast.  I walked down to my front door and let her in.

CommGirl:  “Hey!”

We hugged each other.  And by “hugged” I mean she threw one arm on my shoulder, left the other at her side and put her head on my shoulder (face away from mine) and didn’t squeeze.  This still threw me, even after a month, a girl who didn’t hug?  What’s wrong with this picture?

Beppo:  “Hey.  Bad traffic?”

CommGirl:  “Yes!  I got stuck at the [Huge Main Road] intersection, it took FOREVER to get through!”

Beppo (shrugging):  “Rush-hour.  It’s to be expected.”

We kissed and walked up the two short flights of stairs into my living room.  CommGirl tossed her purse and keys on the floor next to my couch.  She then sat down on the couch and looked up at me. A familiar feeling popped into my stomach, in addition to the hunger pains.  Something was up.

CommGirl:  “We need to talk…”


Following the night we met, I set up a Day 2 at a Pool hall, so I could find out more about her and also to determine if she was crazy or not (I intentionally try not to stick my dick in crazy, as a rule).  She admitted that she was a terrible billiards player, but enthusiastically agreed when I suggested it.

By the end of the first game (I won), we’d gotten through all of the normal resume-type questions.  Where are you from?  Where did you go to school?  What do you do? etc.  I told her about my time in North Carolina for Graduate School, my trips to Canada and Italy, and my reasons for moving to Columbus.  For the next two or three games we just asked each other random questions that we both had to answer.  By the end of the fourth game and two rounds of drinks, we were “accidentally” bumping into and lightly touching each other.  Time to go.

We packed up the balls, returned the cues and paid out for our drinks and time on the table.  CommGirl dug her keys out of her small purse and looked at me.

Beppo:  “My place?”

CommGirl (naughty smile):  “Sure.  I’ll follow you over?”

Beppo:  “Yep, my place isn’t far.”

She followed me back to my place and, well, you know how the story ends.

Later, we gradually started hanging out, depending on her schedule due to work or an online night class she was taking, more and more.  A few times in that first month/month and a half we were having sex three or more times a week.  She spent the night a few times after we’d gone out drinking and enthusiastically had morning sex the next day.  It was getting pretty hot and heavy.  I was expecting to have “the talk” eventually and was going to cross that bridge when I came to it.


Beppo (sitting down, knowing exactly what’s going on):  “Talk?  About what?”

CommGirl:  “About what you think this relationship is or should be.”

I didn’t panic and gathered my thoughts before I spoke.

Beppo:  “Okay, I tell you what I think, but you have to go first.”

Deflection for the win!

CommGirl:  “Sure.  First off, I know you’re looking for a wife…”

Internally, my jaw dropped.  Where in the hell did that come from?  I may have mentioned during one our question-games after sex or by the pool that I wanted kids and a family someday, but never out-and-out said “I’m auditioning you for the position of the future Mrs. Venerdì.”

CommGirl: “…and I really don’t want a serious relationship right now.  I’m looking for something not really serious, and kinda casual.”

Beppo:  “‘Not really serious, and kinda casual’?”

CommGirl:  “Yeah.  You know, where we hang out, go out, do things together, and fuck.”

Beppo:  “You mean ‘friends with benefits.'”

CommGirl:  “Yes!  Friends with benefits, definitely NOT fuckbuddy.  And what do you think about that?”

Relief washed over me, but my facial expression didn’t change.  I thought she was going to give the “We need to be serious if we’re going to continue seeing each other” talk.  CommGirl was pretty good as a friends with benefits, but girlfriend material?  I wasn’t convinced.  However, we had done a lot of “date-y boyfriend/girlfriend” stuff, so I could understand the need for her hamster to have clarification.  In all honesty, what was I going to do, say no and turn down regular on-call pussy?

Beppo:  “Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, since you’re going back to school in the Fall and I’m not too keen on long distance relationships.”

CommGirl (beaming):  “Great!  Remember, we’re not fuckbuddies, but friends with benefits!  (naughty smile) How ’bout we go work up an appetite before getting something to eat?”

Beppo (grasping her hand, leading to bedroom):  “Yes.”

I passed that test, satisfying her hamster in the process.  And so the summer went on…


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