Question (Which I Probably Answer in Asking)

So last Friday night/Saturday morning I exchanged phone numbers with a girl at My Local Corner Bar.

She genuinely seemed interested and enthusiastically wanted to exchange numbers, as we had a pretty good conversation prior to the bar closing.  I couldn’t try for the same-night pull since she had to her fraternal twin sisters in town visiting and was driving (hooray for logistics!).

Now, to get the ball rolling, I texted her Sunday afternoon with the intention of finding out her schedule for the coming week and possibly setting something up.

I’ve had nothing but radio silence ever since.

Now there’s a possibility that she doesn’t have texting, but that seems low with the iPhone she pulled out if her purse.

The question is: Should I call and ignore the fact that I texted, and proceed from there?

My gut says I shouldn’t, and it’s usually right about things like this.



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