Thoughts on San Diego

I went out to San Diego last weekend to visit my brother Gio and his girlfriend.  These are just a few impressions I got from the city while I was there:

  • Many of the buildings looked run down; a couple of times I thought I was in Naples
  • Very agreeable weather (Sunny, high 70’s)
  • Everything seems to be jammed right next to each other (houses, businesses, parking, even a mall was shoehorned in near the Gaslight district)
  • Learning/knowing Spanish would help immensely (Funny fact:  there were radio spots for the Mexican election in ENGLISH)
  • Coronado beach had a LOT of talent (if you have good beach game, hit this place up)
  • Diesel was slightly more expensive than in Columbus
  • California drivers are even worse than Columbus drivers (Gio told me a story of a Suburban threading the needle between his and another person’s cars)
  • Everything was spread out, lots of thruway driving and winding roads
  • Lots of stuff to do/see in Balboa Park (not counting the San Diego Zoo)
  • Food, for the most part, was pricey (e.g. Dinner for 4 at Local Italian Restaurant = $115, Breakfast for 2 = $32, Sushi for 3 = $45)
  • Lots of talent in the Gaslight district (if you like nightclubs and shallow California girls)

Overall, it was a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t really want to live there.


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