Closed Down

Earlier this afternoon (or night, if you’re in Tbilisi), The Geographer folded up and closed shop on his blog and twitter.  He hinted at doing this around a month ago, due to the field he was planning on entering.

In recent weeks, he has been very vocal about masculinity and finding out about the core that defines you as a man.  While some doing this would come across as condescending or smug, he issued more or less a challenge instead.  The challenge to look inside ourselves, analyze why we do what we do and for what purpose, with respect to masculinity.  He got a lot of flak from the rest of the manosphere for these views.

I personally thought his postings were very thought-provoking.  They hit home and made sense to me, forcing me to look inward at myself.

I could be writing post after post on here bitching about unfeminine American girls, the burgeoning welfare state, or the retarded antics (on both sides of the aisle) of Congress.  That would just be projecting my own doubts/shortcomings/faults on an external thing and blaming it for my fuck-ups.  Even if I was capable of that, I’ve been a Stoic far too long, doing so wouldn’t define who I am as a man.

I’ve been in that directional-less state before and it fucking sucks.  Many times I’ve asked myself then, for example, ‘Would going out and ruthlessly chasing skirt fill the void that’s inside of me?‘.  I knew instinctively that the end result of this would be the same as trying to keep water in a colander:  the void would still be there no matter how much I tried to fill it with something else.  Ignoring the problem with distractions does not fix the root of it.

I have been very introspective the past few years and have been working more on this Inner Game issue, instead of diving into the field for Outer Game.  Because of this I have gotten to a point where my personality is anchored in myself.  Now I can turn my vision outward.  And I shall go outward, since challenge defines a man.

So if you agree or disagree with the guy, you have to admit that what he wrote might have influenced you in a small way.  And if you have an open mind, differing opinions from your own should always be considered and analyzed with your world-view.

So Geographer, if you’re ever back in the US and find yourself in Columbus, I’ll buy you a beer.  It’s the least I could do.

Your perspective and insight will be missed.

In bocca al lupo


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