On Track Girls and Smiling Faces

This video was posted a week or so ago on Unleash The Beef and Matt talked about it today.  Both are well-written reads, so go take a look and watch the video a few times.

Yes, I know most of the Manosphere (and the Internet in general) has seen this a bunch of times, but I’m posting it again.  So here it is:

The “dance” that Michelle Jenneke does isn’t what I’m going to focus on, but I need to digress for a minute.

Speaking as a former Track guy, a good portion of the runners and jumpers do some sort of ritual before getting into the blocks or running from their jumping mark.  Either it will have a practical purpose (stretching) or will be out of superstition/good luck (crossing themselves, saying an Ave Maria, etc).

Hell, I had my own ritual that I did before I began my triple or long jump runs (essentially loosening my arms and legs up before a bounding side-to-side start).

Getting down to it, Michelle’s swaying of her hips stretched out her lower back and hips.  Which are pretty important for hurdlers.  Like I already said, I’m not going to focus on the “dance.”

I want to focus on her smile.

What her smile tells me is that she knows she’s going to win.  She’ll have to run the race to find out for sure, but she feels comfortable enough beforehand to be completely at ease with herself.  Hence, the exuberant smile and overall relaxation of the muscles in her body.

That’s real confidence.  Not the fake “I’m an obnoxious, I’m right and you’re wrong, over-opinionated bitch” confidence that feminists say confidence is.

Both UTB and Matt come to the same conclusion:  this girl oozes femininity.

She’s an attractive, feminine girl completely at ease with herself, who knows exactly what she can and cannot do, and does not bend to the pressure of the moment.  This is the real confidence that is sexy in women.

I won’t lie, when I watched the video on my phone this morning, the first thing that popped into my head was (and with the beginning of a chub):

“Damn, I’d love to date that girl.”

Not just “high 7, would bang” (which she is, and I would since I love brunettes), but date.  Hell, I want to be around a girl with a disposition like that.

I see enough girls in my travels with the “Woe is me!” attitude, that a simple video of a Aussie hurdler warming up and smiling before a race is a breath of fresh air in a miasma of cuntyness and attention-seeking.

[Note:  Yes, I know I’m basing this all off of a smile in a video.]

The main question you should ask yourself if you found a girl with a disposition like Michelle Jenneke in your life/travels is:

What reason can you find not to be around that amount of unbridled femininity?


2 thoughts on “On Track Girls and Smiling Faces

  1. You’ve nailed it.

    When I see the usual parade of soft porn on the street, the first thing I think of is sex. When I see this girl, the first thing I thought was, “She seems like someone I’d like to be around.” Of course I’m also thinking about sex. But that first part is sadly missing from almost every woman I see. I say sad because that feeling is the difference between a one night stand, and a wife.

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