I had the intention of writing a lot this week, but for some reason my brain has went into hibernation (and I forgot my idea scratch-notebook in Columbus).

So here are some short thoughts I’ve jotted down:

  • It would take some sort of amazing job offer to even bring me back to my hometown (or New York State in general).
  • Even though I’m in the house I grew up in, it doesn’t feel like the home I remember.
  • For the most part, everything seems to be the same whenever I come back to visit.
  • I feel as if I’m now a stranger here (only outside my immediate family and close friends).
  • I had forgotten about the not-so-good quality of the girls in my hometown’s bars.
  • As this was vacation for me, I’ve been lazing about my parents’ house either reading or studying Italian (relaxing, spending little money).
  • Still glad I don’t have cable.
  • The Buffalo News is still a shitty newspaper (90% of the A section is wire-services).
  • It only rained once in the past 4 days.
  • The massage I got on Tuesday rejuvenated my knotted-up shoulders and back.
  • Sex has been on my mind even more than it usually is (wet-dreams and such in the past few days).
  • Talked with my Grandpa about his WWII service (“You’re the only one I’ve ever told this to, Beppo.”).
  • Got some aiming tips for my M1 from an old-timer at the range.
  • The best pizza is from Buffalo.
  • Same with the wings.
  • I don’t have an alarm set, but I’m still up and alert by 7.30 every morning so far.
  • When did the History Channel start showing crappy reality TV shows?
  • Diesel is above $4 here.
  • Should I head back to Columbus a day early?

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