The First Time I Realized That Most Girls Aren’t “There” Intellectually

Some things in life you have to observe over and over again in order to notice a pattern and draw a conclusion.  Other things hit you over the head like a bat with no subtlety.  Either way, your view of the world changes.

This is a short-story of the latter.


Location:  La casa dei miei genitori, Buffalo, NY

Time:  Late afternoon, Mid-July, 2002

My parents, myself and my girlfriend (FirstGF) had just gotten out of the pool and we were drying ourselves off.  FirstGF was telling my Mom about her recent visit to Lily Dale with her aunt.  This place is basically a collection of Mediums, Tarot-readers, Seers and other bullshit artists near Fredonia, NY.  It’s popular to the tree-hugging hippie crowd (“What spirit is watching me?” etc).

My Mom was being polite and engaging her in conversation, even though she herself looked at that type of thing as pure entertainment, and joked about it from time to time.  I was behind FirstGF drying myself off next to my Dad.  After listening to FirstGF enthusiastically talk for a minute or two about the “group reading” she went to, he caught my eye and gave the one-raised eyebrow look the Venerdì males are famous for.  The message was clear.

She actually believes in this shit?

I shrugged, shook my head and gave a look that said “I don’t know, but I guess so.”

The funny (or sad) part was that she REALLY believed the reading’s veracity, even with all the evidence that most “mediums” are shysters (eg. John Edward).

I had a realization at that moment:  this girl was as dumb as a brick.

The evidence was there.  Obsessed with gossip, read “popular” books because they were “best sellers”, and had really no curiosity at all.  She was most concerned with the small bubble containing her life and petty interests, and nothing else.

Some time after we had inevitably broken up, my parents told me that they really weren’t too keen on FirstGF as a result of this specific event.  I remember asking why they didn’t voice their misgivings, to which they replied that they didn’t want to meddle in my dating life.  The best part was the quote from my Mom, who really doesn’t bad-mouth anyone lightly:

” She wasn’t good for you, you didn’t “fit” with her.  But it wasn’t my place to say who you should and shouldn’t date.  Overall, I thought she was stupid and airheaded.”


One thought on “The First Time I Realized That Most Girls Aren’t “There” Intellectually

  1. Whats worst is when your dealing with a chick who goes to college, because they think their “book” smart they know it all, I know a girl whenever I give her any slight of “constructive” criticism, she starts shaking in anger….

    mind blowing how some people get their jimmies rustled when you tell them their wrong

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