Lifting Hiatus

Almost three weeks ago I slightly pulled the muscles in my lower back doing a 265 lbs deadlift (current maximum and personal best).  While they’re not as sore as they initially were, the occasional soreness is still there.

So, I have to take a complete break from lifting for at least a month (little brother studying to be a chiropractor strongly recommended that I take a complete and total break).

However much this is going to suck, since I’ll be breaking a routine of about four months, I’m not going to try to be a hero and fight through only to have back problems later on.  Besides, I can refocus on things I’ve been slacking on, like my language study, reading books and writing here.


2 thoughts on “Lifting Hiatus

  1. I also had a mild injury during deadlifting that I still have to this day. I had to take several months off. I’m back doing regular weekly deadlifting now but I’m very very careful about my form. I’m not sure exactly what I did to my back but every once in a while I still get a twinge of pain in my left lower back. It could be a pinched nerve or a slipped disc. Either way I don’t want to get any type of surgery as that will likely cause greater complications down the line. My Dad went through that. The injury is tolerable so basically I keep good form and try not to mess it up again.

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