At Least She Was Honest…

A few weeks ago, I approached a girl as I was leaving My Local Corner Bar.  Following Regola #3, I ended up going back to her place for an “after-party”, chilled out for a while with her and her sister and later left with her number (chronicled here and here).

Now “strike while the iron is hot” would apply in this case, but that didn’t work out.

She was free the following weekend.

I was out-of-town for a wedding.

Set up a drinks date when I got back in town for last Wednesday (the 10th).

She agrees then flakes the day before.

Tried again on Tuesday to set something up for Wednesday at 19.30.

She agrees again, smiley faces and exclamation points and all that shit.

Then on Wednesday at 18.41 my phone chirps with a text:

Hey! I’m just gonna be straight with you. I’m kind of talking to this other guy. I’m sorry if I led you on, but I’m canceling our date for tonight. I’m sorry

I’ll admit, I laughed when I read this.  There was a total time investment, by me, of the initial conversation and maybe 10-13 texts afterwards.  So yeah, I’m not bummed (granted, I honestly can’t remember what she looked like exactly, so that’s probably a good thing).

And If I remember proper text game correctly, I don’t respond to this, to which I didn’t.

I’ll give her one thing, at least she was honest.

Onto the next one!


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