UMan has Closed Down

Well, now the second blog that I looked forward to reading everyday has closed up shop (the first being Solomon II’s blog).

The University of Man, the college I should have went to

From what the font-page looks like, it doesn’t seem that the archives will be left intact for future readers (Google Reader will have it archived, if you’re subscribed to the RSS feed).

Others saying “Ciao” to Mentu and Ashur:  Bronan, Blaze, Jordan and Matt

Here’s Mentu’s farewell statement:

When we first started writing The University of Man nearly a year ago, Ashur and I decided we would write until we reached one million views. A little over 250 posts and 4,000 comments later, we changed our minds and decided 897,681 hits would suffice.

We appreciate every page view and comment, and the friends we met online and in person along the way will not be forgotten. But Ashur and I have made our statements, so now it’s time for us to move on and maintain a dignified silence.

We hope we made you happy for a while.


I do have one question though, if UMan was only going to be around for a short time, why buy the domain and go through the trouble of building the site up for what looked to be the long run?

I’ll miss the mix of satire and practical advice that UMan posted at an almost daily basis.

So I say to Mentu and Ashur:  In bocca al lupo.


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