Blogroll Update

I trimmed some dead blogs (no more RIP designations) and added a few to the list.


Captain Capitalism:  Should have discovered this one sooner.  Usually short posts, updated a few times each day.

Delicious Tacos:  Flips between stream-of-consciousness, diary-type and story posts.  Still a good read regardless.

Nexxt Level Up:   A group blog by Virgle Kent, FFY Nate, Masculine Style, and The Chef in Jeans.  The only new information I glean from this is the lifting/fitness stuff, most of the rest is reposts from MS and CIJ.

Remy Sheppard:  The Alpha Persona’s personal blog.

Return of Kings:  Roosh’s group blog.  It has good content with a bunch of contributors.  Has a daily posting schedule.

Bang Some Chicks:  I can’t tell if this is serious or over-the-top satire.  Good for a laugh.


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