Indefinite Hiatus

As of yesterday, I had to stop lifting.

I would like my back to fully heal and not be sore for a change.  Even with being very careful the past few months and taking weeks to a month off at a time, it’s still not back to 100%.  So in lieu of risking permanent damage (I do have a Doctor’s appointment tomorrow to get checked out) I’ll be taking a rest.

Now I’ll be able to catch up on my reading (my reading list will be out tomorrow).


3 thoughts on “Indefinite Hiatus

    • Yeah, a 265 deadlift did me in (almost 2x my bodyweight). It’s funny, I was fine at 255 but bad form 10 lbs up symmetrically pulled my lower back muscles.

      As long as you’re careful (I wore a weight-belt once I passed my bodyweight) and watch your form, deadlifts are awesome.

      I hope I heal fast too, it’s surprising how much you use your back muscles daily.

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