The Hottest Girl I Ever Dated – Part 1

This is an interesting story where I managed to date a girl above my SMV (unknowing running of game) and then lose her when my beta tendencies drove her off (for other reasons too, as you’ll see).

The dialog below is approximate to what was said (it has been almost ten years).


Location:  Giacomo’s Basement, Buffalo, NY

Time:  Friday, Early May 2003, Around 22.00

I was tired.

Contemplating the half-finished can of Dr. Pepper in my hand, I wondered if I should have waited until Fall semester to take Italian.  This 9.00-12.00 Monday to Friday class schedule was starting to wear me out.  Coupled with my part-time retail job (now “full-time” for the summer at least) and having to study a language that I had no knowledge of made for tired feet, eyes, and mind.  Luckily, I got out of work quickly tonight and was off tomorrow, so I could try to sleep in and maybe enjoy the good weather we’ve been having.

Giacomo invited a bunch of people over to hang out in his furnished basement.  We would be there until his Mom started yelling at us over our noise level (“GIACOMO! KEEP IT DOWN!“).  At this point in time my friends were in their “we don’t need alcohol to have fun” phase, so even though we were all legal in Canada, we didn’t go out.  Also, Giacomo’s, Paolo’s and Marco’s girlfriends at the time all were not legal there, which was another reason we stayed home.

I was the only one who was single at the time.

Looking over at the ignored movie being played on the TV, I tossed back the remainder of the can of pop and adjusted myself in the recliner.  I was listening to Giacomo and Paolo talking about something when the barking of the Giacomo’s Mom’s rat dog announced the arrival of somebody.

Marco clomped down the stairs with his girlfriend at the time (nice girl, but still an overall succubus) and cute Curly-haired Brunette.  He handed the pizza and wings boxes he was carrying to Paolo.

Marco (grinning):  “What’s up bitches?”

Giacomo:  “Dude, you’re late.  We already started the movie.”

Beppo:  “Yeah, you sure took your time.  We’re starving.”

Paolo (eating):  “Did you have enough money?”

Marco:  “Just enough.  I had to get something taken care of before I got the pizza.”

He winked at us and looked over at his girlfriend.  Marco always talked in euphemisms when telling us that he just gotten a blowjob.  Paolo groaned and I shook my head.  Marco was a notorious horndog that the innate strict Catholic sexual prudishness he grew up with was constantly at odds with his raging hormones.  He had many happy-to-depressed mood-swings over the years because of this.

Paolo:  “You couldn’t have waited until later?”

Marco:  “There was some time before the pizza was ready and I had to pick up [Curly-haired Brunette] from her house, so I parked my car on a side street before getting her and…BAM!”

Giacomo:  “Alright, we get it.  You’re happy and content now.  Lets go eat before the food gets cold.”

I got a better look at the Curly-haired Brunette when I got couple slices of pizza.  Marco introduced us briefly (“Hi, I’m HotBallerina!  Pleased to meet you!”).

  • 5’6″
  • 18 years old
  • Blue eyes
  • Tight curly brown hair, shoulder-blade length
  • Buxom (I’d later find out they were firm C’s bordering on D’s)
  • Banging body from 10+ years of ballet
  • Smiled a lot
  • Girly
  • Sunny outlook
  • The second of three girls from a certain South Buffalo All-Girls Catholic school I dated/messed around with (locally known as the “Red-bricked whorehouse”)

As a result my appraisal, one thing jumped into my mind.

Beppo (thinking):  “Wow, she’s hot.”

Translating for scale would have her at a low to mid 8.

Automatically (as per my previous observations of attractive girls) I assumed she was taken, and felt she was way out of my league.  However, that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy the view.  Thank the Maker for tight tank-tops!

Some time later, we were getting ready to go somewhere (a pool hall in Lackawanna, I think) and for some reason it took me longer to get my sneakers on.  HotBallerina was nearby getting her purse situated, when the basement lights snapped off.  I’m guessing it was Marco being a dick.

HotBallerina:  *Gasp* “Oh no!”

I hung out enough times in Giacomo’s basement to know the general layout, so I did something without thinking too much about it:

Beppo (taking HotBallerina’s hand):  “C’mon, let’s go.  Don’t worry, I know the way.”

HotBallerina:  “Okay.”

She squeezed my hand tighter and moved in closer.  I led her through the dark basement, up the stairs and out the front door.  Coming out the front door, I saw Marco rolling on the front lawn in tears from laughing so hard at what really was a dumb prank.  I shook my head and turned to HotBallerina.

HotBallerina (smiling):  “Thank you, I’m not a big fan of the dark.”

She squeezed my hand and my I felt my loins stir from her sincerity.

Beppo:  “No problem.  (smirk) Next time though, I won’t be there to lead you out and you’ll be stuck.”

HotBallerina (laughing):  “I’ll bring a flashlight next time!”


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