La Biblioteca di Beppo: Backpacker Memoirs Edition

80 Girls

“Around the World in 80 Girls” chronicles Neil Skywalker’s 3 years of backpacking through most of Asia, SE Asia, Oceania and South America.

I knew going into this book that there were going to be a few grammatical and spelling errors, which I could forgive as English isn’t Neil’s first language.  To me at least, the errors gave the book charm, as you can almost feel how excited he was to write everything down in the course of his 3 year around-the-world trip.

That being said, it could use another run-through by a professional proofreader.

This book clocks in at 502 pages which includes 50 pages of tips and tricks on girls in general (if you’ve read any Game literature, these will look very familiar) and specifically picking up girls in a foreign country while traveling.

Even with knocking off the tips section, 452 pages is still pretty long.  For comparison, most of the WWII histories I’ve been reading recently clock in at the 300-500 page range.  Neil made the point to chronicle every country he set foot in with lots of detail, telling as much as possible of the good and bad times he had.

The problem with all this detail is that you become lost sometimes, which was especially true for me with keeping track of the girls he was interacting with.  Besides most of them having large breasts and being pretty (you’ll see many variations of the “she was a buxom girl and I loved it” theme), they eventually started to run together through the narrative due to the sheer number of girls that he met, kissed and/or had sex with.  I had to backtrack a few times to refresh my memory on who was who because I couldn’t keep them straight.

The whole section on Cambodia had me scratching my head along with the author on how he managed to get a slew of hot Khmer girls to basically come to blows over who gets to be the one who he gets to fuck.

Even with a few no-no’s on breaking the “show, don’t tell” rule and a couple of instances of heavy-handed allusions to future events in his own trip, I still enjoyed the book.

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Naughty Nomad

[Note:  As of this writing, the Kindle edition is no longer for sale on Amazon.  My review is based on the Kindle version I bought a month ago.

For disclosure, I’ve never read Naughty Nomad’s blog or follow him on twitter.]

I bought “Naughty Nomad:  Not Your Typical Backpacker Story” by Mark Zolo in a “hey, why not?” state during a book-buying spree last month.  The Kindle edition is also missing what I’m guessing are pictures (more than a few pages of a camera with a line through it).

After finishing Neil’s book I wanted to read Naughty Nomad’s story and compare the two.  While the writing in Naughty Nomad’s book is better by a large margin, with very descriptive passages describing SE Asia, Africa and Russia, I felt the pace of the book was broken up by the “journal excerpts” with overly flowery language.   While sometimes painting a vivid scene begun in the prior paragraphs, it usually fell flat and seemed to slow the flow of the story even though they were usually used as a springboard into a new country/city.

In my reading of the book, especially with Naughty Nomad’s many sexual conquests, it seemed as if each “awesome” section ended with the feeling that he was looking for a high-five at the end on how great he was.  Like he was telling his frat buddies at a bar about his most recent conquest.  Another galling thing was the tendency to break the fourth wall with addressing the reader directly (again throwing off the pacing):

Vagina Boobs.

Sorry, I just wanted to break your concentration.  I’m a tease, but it’s something you’ll have to get used to.

The story was pretty good though, with a few moments where I raised my eyebrow and mouthed “holy shit” after reading a passage.

For example:  Fucking a Sub-Saharan African girl without a condom?!?  Holy shit!  Talk about playing Russian roulette with 5 chambers loaded!

Simply put, this guy has no fear.  From smuggling a gigantic bag of weed through most of Africa (which also could be an alternate title for the first half of the book), to fucking girls of all colors, to breaking up a Cambodian marriage, he’s done a lot of crazy stuff.

Even though the book kind of just ends (with a blatant set-up for another book), it was an interesting weekend read (236 pages).

Buy “Naughty Nomad:  Not Your Typical Backpacker Story” on Amazon

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