La Biblioteca di Beppo: Why Can’t I Use a Smiley Face? by Roosh V

wciuasf cover

Why Can’t I Use a Smiley Face?” is Roosh’s most recent release.  Even though it’s supposed to be “released” this coming Friday, it’s already available on Amazon.  I myself bought the Kindle version this past Friday.

This is a very short memoir chronicling Roosh’s month in Washington DC.  How short is this, you ask?  If you’ve read “30 Bangs” it’s shorter than that, so you can read it in the space of a few hours (68 pages).

The bulk of the memoir concerns Roosh’s disenchantment of being “home” in DC.  Except, that “home” is no longer “home.”  While Roosh does have some good times with his friends and family, he comes back to reality about his visit through the girls he meets in DC’s nightlife and finding out that both his mother and sister seriously disapprove of his lifestyle.

The narrative is primarily told in stand-alone vignettes (which do link together) with titles such as “The Leaving,” “The First Night” and “The Pussy Violator.”

If you’ve been following Roosh’s exploits with “A Dead Bat in Paraguay” up to the recent Bang guides releases and his blog, you’ll enjoy this as a next chapter in his life.

A stand-alone book, this is not however.

That being said, I enjoyed it. However, I do believe that Roosh probably could have serialized this on his blog somehow.  Though for $3 the Kindle version doesn’t break the bank and is a quick afternoon read.

Buy “Why Can’t I Use a Smiley Face?” on Amazon


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