Where I’m At

I’ve been a bit absent from posting lately since I’ve been fighting a particularly bad sinus infection.

Initially, back in March, I thought it was just my normal seasonal change headcold.  However, I just couldn’t shake it.  It got so bad for me that my emotions were affected, meaning I felt like shit and broke down in tears of frustration a couple of times.

Something was definitely wrong.

I finally went to my doctor, got diagnosed with a sinus infection and got a prescription for an antibiotic.  After taking that for a couple of days, I noticed that I had one of the rarer side-effects below my knee in my left leg (nerves).  An ER visit later, with a new prescription for a Zpack, I went to my parents for the weekend.  That weekend I then extended for the rest of the following week, so I could recover. 

I finished the antibiotic and began to feel somewhat better, but I still felt like shit.  Returning to Columbus, I went back to the doctor again and got a longer 2 week prescription of azithromycin to finally clear everything up in my sinuses. 

I glad to say that I am feeling much better now and that my mood is back to normal.


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