Next Purchase

The M&P15-22.

Now, you might ask, “Why the .22LR and not the .223/5.56 one?

Two reasons:

1.  The ammo is cheap, every outdoors store carries it and usually doesn’t go out of stock (present-time excluded).  I bought 1200 rounds of .22LR last November for $60 before all the faux “outrage” from the Left following Sandy Hook.

2.  For what I’ll be using it for (target/plinking/marksmanship), it doesn’t make sense to drop $2000 (or more) for the “full” AR-15/M-4 platform.  If the SHTF, and I hope it never does, I’ll have my M1 for the necessary long-range stopping power.

Oh, and just the fact that I’ll own a rifle that’s scary and illegal in New York makes me smile.

(Update: Purchased 2 June 2013)


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