Grain and Chaff

One of the great things about the Manosphere in general is that there is a large amount of information to be had.

However, the problem then comes when you have to separate the good information (the grain) for the not-so-good or bad information (the chaff).  If you don’t make an effort to sift through and manage your intake of information, you can easily get lost and act on bad advice.

For instance, I’ve personally cut down on the number of subscriptions I have in my RSS reader, dropping those that I feel bring me no value. 

While I initially lauded Return of Kings daily posting, I’m finding that lately I either skim or altogether skip a good portion of the articles.  A few of the site’s authors are worth reading, but many of them aren’t. 

For example, to me the “not washing hair, except using baking soda” article felt like a shark-jumping, bordering on self-parody moment for the site.

This is a problem that can be subscribed to “too many unproven authors, too soon.” Since it is Roosh’s site, he can run it how he wants. My opinion on who should and shouldn’t write matters little. I’m just some random jerk-off on the internet writing under a pseudonym.

I can, however, choose to read or not.

My time is a finite and valuable resource, and I don’t want to waste it on reading articles that contain dubious premises.

A good question to ask yourself every now and then is: “Am I getting anything out of reading this?”

If the answer you come to is No, drop the subscription and move on. There are better things for you to do than to waste your time.


4 thoughts on “Grain and Chaff

  1. True, es verdad; pne can only find gold by sifting through a mountainfull of sand and soil; and what one needs to do is throw away the soil and only keep the gold.

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