Testosterone Results

YouSoWould has a few posts on his Low T and later foray into TRT (here and here), take a look.

A few weeks ago I had my yearly physical and in addition to the normal blood work, and because my insurance covers it, I also had my testosterone levels checked.  I figured that my levels were fine, but I was curious as to what they were (and to have a baseline for future comparison).

Results (target ranges in parentheses):

  • Cholesterol (100-199 mg/dL):  203 (4 points above the maximum of the range which is fine, since 20 years ago, that would be considered normal)
  • Triglycerides (30-150 mg/dL):  86
  • HDL (40-59 mg/dL):  42 (could be higher, need to eat more olive oil)
  • LDL (<100 mg/dL):  144 (“Borderline High” by my results sheet)
  • TSH (0.32-5 mcIU/mL):  2.04 (Thyroid is working fine)
  • My kidneys are working, no protein in my urine
  • Interestingly, my white blood count is slightly low at 3.79 K/mcL (range 4.50-1.00).  My doctor said that’s how my body functions.
  • Total Testosterone:  687 ng/dL
  • Free Testosterone:  12.2 pg/mL

Following the tables from this post, my testosterone levels are pretty good for my age (29).  Even with being physically inactive and sick for the past few months I figured that they would be lower.

I’m happy to say that there are no low T problems for me.

As an example, a couple of weeks ago I was talking to a really cute and feminine girl at My Local Corner Bar and I chubbed a bit due to her disposition.  So my libido is not an issue; it was more of a mental than a physical reason why I haven’t been aggressively chasing skirt (instead of just looking).  My body told me to stay in and recover, so I did.

Hell, I still wake up almost every morning with a boner.

On the issue of “testosterone increasing” supplements, I’m going to drop back to normal fish oil instead of the fish oil + krill.  It’s too expensive for an effect that I’m not seeing or feeling.  Zinc on the other hand, I’m going to drop down from 30 to 15 mg (the lower dose will still stack with my multivitamin).

Now I’ll just have to wait until next year to compare.


5 thoughts on “Testosterone Results

  1. Good to see you’re firing on all cylinders. On the plus side (sort of) for me, I’m now actually planning to boost my total T up to 1000 – I figure since my own body’s production is unsufficient anyway, there’s no point doing things by halves

  2. Nice results!

    3 grams of D-Aspartic Acid is something to look into as well. Read up on it when you get the chance. Another thing to check out is Brazil nuts. Treat them like supplements (3 to 6 a day). They are high in selenium, which is a great mineral for sperm motility and luteinizing hormone production. But of course, too much can screw the pooch.

    You mentioned “need to eat more olive oil”. Google “olive oil cholesterol testosterone” and check out the link from ergo-log. Olive oil apparently converts cholesterol more easily to testosterone than other oils/fats.

    One more thing: cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil is incredible. Please do check it out. Hormonal optimization wise and for health.

    Don’t mean to sound like I’m preaching, but I feel like telling this to every man that I encounter.

    Good luck, bro.

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