A man’s life is a struggle until the day he dies.

The last six months haven’t been the greatest.

  • Getting sinus infection after sinus infection
  • Being on some sort of antibiotic for weeks at a time for aforementioned sinus infection
  • Noting another recent loss of weight on my already thin frame as a result of being sick (now 136 lbs, had to buy new 30 waist jeans since the others, 32 waist, are too big now)
  • I could go lift, but those pulled lower back muscles aren’t healed fully (this helps slightly)
  • Couldn’t enjoy the party at my brother Gio’s wedding, meaning next to no alcohol (see bullet point 1)
  • Reoccurring soreness at my scar
  • Language study shot to hell
  • No romantic prospects (see bullet point 1 and 2)

The abstract for the above bullets would basically read:  “Beppo has extremely low morale due to things he cannot control.”

While frustrating that I haven’t had the energy nor the drive to do much of anything constructive these past months, I’m not going to complain.  I just have to bite the bullet for most things, get help from others that can help, and then move forward.

There’s no other option.


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