Basta Così

Translation:  That’s enough

Enough of what you may ask?  I’ll get to that in a moment, but first a little preamble.

As a long-time reader and short-time writer of La Nostra Comunità, I’ve noticed a huge shift in the focus of a lot of our fellow denizens.  So instead of focusing on what I would call our core values (masculinity, self-reliance, observation, introspection, self-improvement, and stoicism), there are posts after posts laying the blame of everything on feminism.  Essentially, bitching and complaining.

Now, I’m not denying that feminism is probably the worst thing to happen to this country (political correctness is its bastard child) or that the dating scene isn’t flipped on its head and screwed up as a result.

I’m just sick and tired of coming across more and more of the “takedown”- or “fisking”-type articles about what some idiot feminist wrote or said.  Or, the converse ones where the author fails at something or screws up (usually girl related), then blames that failure on the external (feminism) instead of taking responsibility for the fuck up and learning from it.


A thought experiment

Take a moment to step outside of the Manosphere and look in for a moment.

If you looked objectively at these articles, as if you were seeing them for the first time, what conclusion would you probably draw from discovering them?

For comparison, five years ago you’d probably come across them after typing “how to meet girls” or some variation into your search engine of choice.  You’d find post after post on how to meet girls, how to act, positive body language, voice tonality, first date ideas, fitness/diet tips, and books you probably should read to expand your worldview.  If you’re open-minded, you’d try a few things here and there, only to see your paradigm shift when you find they’re telling the truth.

Today that same search result would get you to the same blog posts (now in archive), but the newer stuff now has meandered off into complaining about feminism.  Objectively, you’d probably think “this is very bitter/whiny, how does this help me to be better with girls or improve my lifestyle?”  The comments on said articles would usually have more vitriol than the original post, so you’d probably be repulsed and wouldn’t even test to see if the earlier stuff you read actually worked or not.  Because how often have you as a man taken advice from someone who bitterly whines about things?


Valid and germane questions:

Honestly though, do we really need a Two Minutes Hate?

Why does Hate Week have to be every week?

Is it absolutely necessary that we have our own version of Emmanuel Goldstein?

Do we want to spend hours reading, researching and writing just to score a “point,” only to high-five/circle-jerk ourselves afterwards in the comment sections of the resulting post? (cf. the Manospambots)

Why are you, as a man, spending more and more of your time reading women’s sites like Feministing, XOJane, Femail or Jezebel?


Ask yourself this:  have you ever encountered when talking to a girl, in real life, the shrill and militant feminism these articles have to constantly bash?

Think long and hard.

Unless you live in a mega-liberal area (Portland/Berkeley/San Francisco, for example) and the girl is also a social retard, you probably haven’t.

These feminists only exist on the internet, and nowhere else.

Your average, normal American girl doesn’t go around screeching about “patriarchy,” whining about “privilege” or doing whatever is the modern equivalent of bra-burning.

They want to meet a guy who’s interesting, knows how to lead, has his life together and is not a complete pussy.

In short, women aren’t the enemy.

Besides, the more stuff you write similar to feminist clickbait, the more likely your audience shrinks from “all men” to “a fringe few men,” following the similar path of today’s feminists.


I mean, we’re supposed to be all about self-improvement, right?  Last time I checked, self-improvement doesn’t involve being a bitter and whiny little bitch.

Just lay off the “FEMINISM SUX, AMIRITE?!?” articles for a while and focus on improving yourself.

Externalities do not control your life.

Basta Così.


5 thoughts on “Basta Così

  1. Krauser deserves credit for sticking (sometimes repetitively) to his PUA lifestyle without being distracted by internet nonsense. Everyone else, less so.

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