One night during my Christmas jaunt back to Western New York, I was out at a local dive bar playing darts with my friends Paolo, Giacomo, and my brother Gio.  We caught up on things while going through pitchers of Blue Light and with me getting wrecked in the various dart games we played.

Later on, Paolo went to take a piss and Gio left to buy the next pitcher of beer at the bar.  I was telling Giacomo about Mia, which somehow segued into stating my preference for dating girls that are younger than me.  No big deal right?  Not to Giacomo it seemed, incredulously he asked:

“How can you date younger girls?  You won’t have anything to talk about with them!”

Biting my tongue at a flippant reply (“Because they’re hotter, duh”), I reminded Giacomo that Mia (26) and CommGirl (21) were both younger than me when I met them and that the lack of conversation topics never came up.  Giacomo muttered something about “dating girls my age.”  I just shrugged my shoulders and let the topic drop, because I really didn’t care enough to start a debate.  Gio and Paolo came back and the dart game resumed.


Typical topics that girls end up talking about are fairly uniform and constant, no matter how old they are.  From Sorority girls to Chemists to Middle-aged women, I’ve noticed this trend, and have confirmed it many times as true.

The usual topics are:


I’m not saying that you can’t have a conversation with a girl about deep topics concerning, say, natural philosophy or particle physics, because it is possible (a rare girl though).  For the most part what you’ll end up talking about or listening to fall into one of the four groups I listed above.

If you remember the above topics, you’ll never have “nothing” to talk about with a girl, no matter the difference in your ages.


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