Waiting On Weight

Right around the time I was finally kicking that persistent sinus infection back in August, I noticed I lost some weight.  As a “just in case” measure, I started tracking it when I woke up and when I went to bed.  I also forced myself to increase my food intake by adding morning and afternoon snacks while at work (with EVIL grain-based food).

I told myself that I would go back under the bar once I got close to 145 lbs (also accounting for how my back felt).

It was a slog.  I didn’t even break 140 lbs until late-November.  Eat eat eat, all the time.

Even though I’ve been mostly inactive (a walk after lunch) and sit all day in front of a computer at work, my metabolism still ran hot.  I’d fluctuate up and down, it was slightly irritating.

I was sick of being inactive, so I packed my gym bag to go after work on Monday, 27 January.  Screw having a buffer of “fat” for the newbie gains.  However that didn’t work out the way I planned it though.

I came down with the flu and with all the fun that entailed.

Although I was a bit lucky in that I had minor case of the flu, meaning a low-grade fever, no sore throat and no nausea.  The body aches on the other hand were a bitch.  I didn’t have an uninterrupted night of sleep that entire week I was out sick from work.  All my joints were sore and stiff.  Thank God for ibuprofen though.

So a month later, after an unexpected weight jump up to 143-144 lbs (huzzah!), I’m making a second attempt at getting back in the gym.

Seven pounds and six months later, I’ll be finally going back to the gym to regain the muscle I lost.

8 August 2013 (lbs, morning/night):  136.5/136.5

21 February 2014 (lbs, morning/night):  144.5/144.5


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