One Month

It’s been one hell of an interesting month here in the Manosphere so far.

First there was the Mardi Gras meetup where most of the participants were shafted by their supposed “host.”  I’m curious about the exact details, but none so far have gone into specifics as to how the betrayal went down.  Guess I’ll have to wait for Matt’s book to come out to know the full story.

This past weekend saw the guy that runs Viva La Manosphere exposed as a content stealing hack.  With pretty serendipitous timing to this revelation, Kid Strangelove launched his new no-bias/no-BS Manosphere aggregator yesterday: (also follow the automated twitter feed).

Yesterday, Tucker Max surfaced out of the fratire retirement home to partner up with an academic to launch Mating Grounds, where he’s basically putting together an ex novo version of the Manosphere (without the attribution, since we’re “PUA degenerates”).  Danger & Play and LaidNYC have their doubts about this venture.  Jeremy flat-out calls him a liar.  From a guy that basically rejected his past, a past that made him a famous author incidentally, I’m skeptical about his actual motivations for this.

Also, and I had forgotten about this (h/t LaidNYC in the comments), Roosh’s “I got arrested in Poland” hoax. The biggest voice in the Manosphere trolls his readers and supporters for a few hours of cheap laughs. It was, and I’ll say it, stupid and immature since there were many willing to do WHATEVER necessary to help Roosh out. I’ve supported him in the past by buying most of his books, but in the future I may change my mind before clicking “buy” on Amazon.

The funny thing is that all this just happened in the space of a few weeks, and there’s still many more to come until 2014 ends!

If there’s one thing you can say about the Manosphere:  there’s never a dull moment.


6 thoughts on “One Month

  1. Also, Roosh’s jail hoax, which is pretty much forgotten by now.

    [BV: Damn, I forgot about that. Good catch.]

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