Why I Got Rid of Tinder

Tinder is the latest and hippest smartphone application that uses your Facebook to match you up with girls in your area. You look at pictures and swipe right (Yes) or left (No). If you and the girl both swipe right, you can then chat with them and possibly meet up. Basically, it’s “Hot or Not” with a messaging feature.

They call it a “hook up” app.

It’s really easy to set up, you just need a Facebook and a few pictures to get started.

Some guys get laid like gangbusters from it. From what I’ve seen, the girls these guys are banging probably aren’t that high of quality (read: fat or extremely slutty).


On Monday, I nuked my own account. Yeah, I had a bunch of matches but for the most part there was a very low return of investment. Reactivating my Facebook just to give this a go. I figured, why not? I didn’t have anything to lose from it. My messages to my matches were normal ones about one of her pictures or something in her bio. No “sit on my face,” “let’s fuck” or other blatantly propositioning messages

The results

Of my hundred (?) matches, I had a grand total of 3 numbers (one was fake or the girl didn’t respond to my texts) and one date (girl was 20-30 lbs heavier than her pictures). Most of the girls that messaged me first turned out to be bots.

Although, one girl did message me in Italian and wanted to meet up for coffee and conversational practice. For some reason she closed her account or blocked me (wouldn’t understand why though) before I could get her number.

I had some hopes at getting a few dates out of Tinder and possibly meeting some new people at a minimum, but that got dashed fairly quickly. As some of the postings by girls to tinderfessions says anything, most of the girls on there have no actual intention of meeting up. They basically want some attention or validation that they’re attractive. I lost count at the number of girls whose bios have their instagram/twitter/snapchat/kik handles in them. There even was one for a prostitute advertising her prices with text in the pictures.

The best bet with any of these new services is to get in at the beginning when people are using it for its actual purpose. I don’t live in LA, Miami, or NYC, so I can’t comment on how well Tinder works in those larger and more anonymous cities. For Columbus though, Tinder can be useful if you want to put the effort into it.

If you still have a Facebook, give it a shot even if for a laugh.


2 thoughts on “Why I Got Rid of Tinder

  1. I feel you 100% and actually had the idea to write this exact same post. I’ve noticed the downward spiral that catching fire (pun intended) with mainstream acceptance has created in the Tinder-verse. I have 100 matches that are using Tinder for… I don’t know. Nothing, I guess. This is definitely a problem where I am in, Carolina. I used to be able to meet up in a short time period now a lot of these girls don’t even respond to messages. I still get meetups, but fewer and far between. What used to be a cool, high ROI meetup app has seemingly transformed into a trick-validation medium.

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