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If you’ve been following me on Twitter the past few months, you’ve probably seen the hashtag #manospherebeefs a lot.

The idea behind this tag (originally coined by Tyler Vin) is to take the most outlandish absolutist statements or “out there” point-of-views from within the Manosphere and then satirize/parody/lampoon them.  Given the rich amount of source material currently available, it’s not that difficult.  The BS drama this past weekend (LaidNYC referred to it as “menstruating“), for example, gave a lot of material to work with.

Satire is difficult to do because if done wrong it becomes trolling or mean-spirited attacking.  So there’s a fine line that has to be walked in order to make it work properly.  Being that many guys in the Sphere are pretty intelligent, they pulled it off extremely well.

However a problem arose with some topics.  Well before taking the topic to its logical conclusion to engage the satire, it already goes beyond parody and then into the realm of the absurd.

Here are a few examples (links to originals in names):

Ace:  “Women are stupid for following their emotions.  So follow your dick everywhere, always.” #manospherebeefs

Beppo:  “Anyone online who says they’re an Alpha is just a keyboard-jockey.  Excluding myself of course, since I really am one.” #manospherebeefs

Tyler:  “If you treat Valentines Day any differently than any other day of the year, in any respect, you’re a faggot.” #manospherebeefs

Beppo:  “You need to do exactly what I do and take everything I say as gospel truth in order to become a freethinking man.” #manospherebeefs

Lucky:  @Tyler_Vin Looking at naked chicks you’re not banging is beta.  Do you even approach? #manospherebeefs

Beppo:  “You should sacrifice your job, health, family and meaningful relationships for what’s most important:  having a soft harem” #manospherebeefs

Tyler:  “Hand juicing is my intellectual property now.  If you so much as crush a grape without paying me, I will fight you.” #manospherebeefs


At this point some of you might be thinking:  “That sounds like beta ankle-biting, brah.  Are you some kinda pussy faggot loser?

(That would be another great example of #manospherebeefs, by the way.  And the answer is, no it isn’t and no I’m not.)

The underlying idea is not to attack or troll (notice there’s no specifically named persons or sites), but to highlight the absurdity in the direction the Manophere is currently moving and then pointing it out to others.  Such that, a man is forced to acknowledge that tiny ignored kernel of doubt in the back of his mind and think, “Wait a second, someone actually said something like that?  That’s fucked up.  I need to reevaluate and take stock of which views conflict with my personal ethics.”

Because heaven forbid you have a thought of your own, instead of adopting someone else’s without question in order to fit in with the crowd!

I’ve talked about it before, but I’ll list some supposedly “required stances” current in the Manosphere that cause me to raise my eyebrows.

  • The absolutist, black-or-white view of a world that is actually shades of gray. (eg. “All women are sluts!”, “Alphas do X, betas do Y, so do X or you’re a beta!”)
  • The convincing of an unknown number of men that any relationship deeper with a woman than a one night stand is “beta” or weak.
  • Advocating the eschewing of marriage and raising a family because the writer’s parents got divorced when he was a kid or he himself was dumped/divorced. (Yeah, I said it, deal with it.  This is the dirty little secret that many writers try to hide. Don’t believe me?  Do some digging on some of its most ardent supporters.)
  • Spending hours tearing down, ridiculing and mocking movements that exist nowhere else except on the internet. (eg. Hyper-feminism, Fat acceptance)
  • Supposedly being all for the free exchange of ideas, yet banning those that don’t conform to the site owner’s point-of-view.
  • The toxic effect that money has when injected into a “closed” population. (In my opinion, most of the actual beef is based on this and pageviews that drive it)
  • The rise of clickbait, listicles and image-heavy posts as a predominant method of “writing”.
  • A shift from actually undertaking self-improvement to finding a scapegoat for failures and doing nothing to address underlying causes or issues. (eg. Hypergamy, feminism)
  • The borderline rage and overall negativity of some (mostly this applies to commentors).


My livelihood* doesn’t depend on the internet. I could close up shop tomorrow and not be worried about money.

I don’t have a readership where I could either sic on people I disagree with, demand they kiss my ring or where they’d accept anything I say as gospel.

I don’t care about online “street cred”, since much of what I write is mainly cathartic and mostly for myself.

I’m not an “expert” in what would be considered the “core” of the Manosphere (seduction, money, fitness, style etc), and by stereotypical Manosphere standards I would probably be considered a “loser” and a “failure.”

I may not have been a founder of this corner of the web, but I’ve been around long enough to be genuinely concerned about the direction we may be going.


The core idea of the Manosphere is to spread information around, because the more information you have, the better conclusion you can draw after sifting through all the data.  Locking yourself away from other views because they challenge your current paradigm should be anathema to a supposed “free-thinking man.”

Besides, unless you have a pitifully weak ego and cannot handle criticism, you should be able to laugh at yourself.  That type of thing keeps you humble and makes you grow as a man.

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this.


*Disclosure:  I have an Amazon Affiliate account and I probably won’t ever make enough to even buy a book with the commission.  Besides, anyone can get that affiliate easily since they approve everyone.