Awareness and Observation

After I finished washing a batch of dirty dishes, I walked out to the front part of the local fast food joint I worked at.  On the notices board, I saw a five dollar bill taped to a piece of paper.

Curiously, I moved in closer.  The paper had a note that read “be careful of counterfeits in the future!”  Puzzled, I examined the dollar for a moment, then took the sign down.

Walking into the manager’s office, I got out my wallet and gave her five dollars.

Manager (puzzled):  “Why do you want that fake?”

Beppo:  “It’s not a fake, it’s just from the 50’s and is different from what you’re used to.”


Right after the newly remodeled Men’s room was opened at work, I noticed that you couldn’t tell which stall was occupied.  After a few occasions of walking down the line pushing on doors and feeling like an idiot, something had to be more efficient.

Looking into the mirror one afternoon while washing my hands, I could see feet in the occupied stalls.  A simple glance into the mirror would show the open stalls.

Almost two years later, there are still those that go down the line trial-and-error fashion.


I’m out with my friends at a Buffalo gin mill, we’re playing darts.

Giacomo (nods to nearby booth):  “Hey, did you see that girl?  She’s cute.”

Beppo (glances over, then throws dart, misses triples):  “Yeah I did.  She’s here with her boyfriend though.”

Giacomo: “How do you…”

As if on cue, we see the girl get up and go kiss a guy at a nearby table, then put her head on his shoulder.

Giacomo:  “Wait, how did you know that?”

Beppo:  “I saw her come in with him awhile ago.  They were holding hands.”


The point of the above anecdotes is to do something that many nowadays have forgotten:  observe before acting.

A simple pause before doing something can save you trouble in the future.  As Augustus once said, “Make haste slowly.”


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