Did Douglas from Return of Kings Fabricate a Scenario to Help Support His Later Argument?

For some reason or another in the past few months I began reading RoK again (I don’t remember why). While there are a few good authors there (Kyle and Runsonmagic, for example), the rest I usually skip past after reading the first sentence/paragraph or so. Those in the “skips” are usually, in my opinion, crap.

I’m looking for grain, not chaff.

Usually, I approach each article with an open mind before deciding. However, when I read the latest piece from RoK’s supposed “Chief Investigative JournalistDouglas, I was taken aback (emphasis mine):

I was blasting some paper at the range one day, to practice to keep my pimp hand strong, when a man struck up a conversation with me. Usually the discussions at the pistol range coalesce around politics and what weapons to buy. Well into this gentleman’s rant about the Second Amendment, current denizens of Washington DC and policies of ”blue” states, I noticed something. He was shooting a Kimber 45 caliber pistol. I interrupted his tirade and asked him that if he does not support the various policies of the states of New Jersey and New York, why did he purchase a product from those states. He stood there for a minute and contemplated the realization that his beliefs were inconsistent with his actions.

Nice straw man you built up and knocked over, Douglas.

Maybe it’s because I’m just not as enlightened because I have a STEM degree, but I know faulty logic when I see it.

Basically, his argument is that you shouldn’t buy a product from companies you support because they’re headquartered in a State you hate. Or, with this specific example, you should bankrupt Kimber because Cuomo is a gun-grabbing idiot Liberal (h/t Thirty Days to X).

Shall we all spite our faces by cutting off our noses now?


I’m going to go out on a limb and flat-out say he invented this whole scenario based on a few things:

First, with every indoor and outdoor range that I’ve been to I have never, ever, seen anyone have a heated conversation like this while shooting due to the ear protection you’re required to wear to stop hearing damage from the loud reports of the rifles and pistols (that whole “safety” thing). Also you’re there to shoot your gun, not chew the fat with the guy in the next lane. Now if you’re waiting for a lane because it’s busy, different story, but I’ve never observed that occurring either.

Second, the “guy” he describes talking to him sounds like a typical leftist caricature of a Tea Party supporter or Conservative (for comparison and reference, this author also has recently written “The Republican Party Needs to Go Away” Parts One and Two).

Third, in the real world a normal person would say “Um, that doesn’t make any sense, can you explain that better?” and not be “completely shut down” by an obviously dubious and weak argument.

Fourth, if I saw that “guy’s” gun I would first think “1911” before thinking “Kimber” like an average person who actually has some gun knowledge.

Fifth, why not say Kimber 1911? He already states he shoot guns, so why the odd description, as all 1911s are chambered for .45 ACP? Calling it a “Kimber 45 caliber pistol” is just about as broad as you can be (Kimber makes mainly 1911’s, and also a few rifles). It would be like me describing my M1903 rifle as a “Springfield 30 caliber rifle” or my pistols as “Sig Sauer 9mm pistol” and “Walther 22 pistol”

Hell, even a few of the commentors thought this position didn’t make any sense!


I stand by my original position that RoK has jumped the shark, and the quality of the writing there will only get worse and more clickbaity as time passes. I’m not a Super-Red Pill Alpha Male™ though, so who the hell am I to criticize, right?


5 thoughts on “Did Douglas from Return of Kings Fabricate a Scenario to Help Support His Later Argument?

  1. Return of the Kings started promising buuuut it seems they just let anyone write these days. I personally only read athlone’s blogs his shit is on point for the rest it’s hit or miss

  2. It’s a weak argument, and maybe he didn’t accurately describe whatever situation actually happened, but it doesn’t mean he fabricated the entire story.

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