Manosphere Rage

We’ve all seen it. With some of the popular writers in this part of the internet having hundred of comments on their posts, these guys always show up:  the Rage-filled commentor.

You know the type if you’ve been around long enough. They’ve been dumped or divorced and hate all women (don’t lie to yourselves, you actually do). Feminism and hypergamy is their constant excuse for failings with women. Empty and soulless hedonism is their only goal. They spend hours upon hours online debating and discussing essentially nonsense in comment threads and message boards/fora.

To be honest, it’s these guys that makes me glad that I read most blogs (which have been getting smaller in number with the passing of time) via Feedly instead of visiting the site itself. There’s no value in reading something that boils down to “I’m blaming this external thing for my problems instead of owing up to my fuck up and learning from it.”


In Aaron Clarey’s most recent podcast (concerning this RoK article, the fun starts at 33:27), he rips into these guys and calls them out as the pathetic keyboard jockeying theorists and virgins that they are.

And you know what, he’s absolutely right.

If you’re supposedly “red pill,” “all about self-improvement,” and an “Alpha Male” how are you actually doing said improvement when you’re online in front of your computer all day?

Are you actually looking to improve yourself, or are you just adopting a suitable and convenient ideology in order to find a target to blame?

You constantly shout to the metaphorical rooftops that “marriage is for chumps/betas/losers” and to not get in any actual meaningful relationships with women because “she’ll just dump you anyways.” Then you wonder why you’re usually alone?

Do all those meaningless “Internet Alpha Male points” you’ve “earned” matter, because you spend 99% of your time hate-masturbating in comment sections and fora in an attempt to suck up to and rubber-stamp the site owner’s point of view, even if you disagree at a visceral level?

Have you actually talked with real girls or are you just making stuff up about all the “feminist” girls you so happen to come across in your daily life, even though they only exist on the internet?

Why the vitriol?

Why the rage?

What’s YOUR actual issue?


On the internet, nobody knows that you’re a dog.

Maybe I’m just simple-minded, but I don’t see the value (or point really) in “proving” to some faceless person on the internet that you’re this Real Alpha Male™. Are you that afraid of being labeled a “Beta?” Do you really need acceptance in a group that badly? Who gives a shit?

If you feel the need to savage me since I don’t have a triple-digit notch count, a soft harem, or am not making my money online, go ahead. I really don’t give a shit. How do I know that what you’re saying is truthful and not internet boasting? At the end of the day, I go to sleep each night with a clear conscience because I don’t have to constantly lie about my accomplishments or big myself up for street cred.


Alpha and Beta are useless and meaningless terms as of this point.

I get the whole point of the Alpha/Beta thing and its popularity as a topic/trope, but some of you guys should really sit down and shut the fuck up about it for once. The Alpha/Beta dichotomy is an okay model framework of illustrating the current sexual marketplace, but its current definitions are so watered down and so all-encompassing as to render them absolutely meaningless.

If you ever have worried about whether action XYZ is “Alpha” or “Beta,” you do not have the conceptual understanding of the actual meaning of the words and for the most part, you never will.

RealAlphaMale™1:  “Durrr, I just had a threesome with two Playboy models and said that I liked the pretty eyes of the blonde afterwards. WAS THAT BETA??!!?!?”

RealAlphaMale™2:  “Durrr, unless you did her anally BETA TO THE MAX!!! βββ!1!!”

You’re talking jargon and technobabble. Don’t talk like a retard.

You all claim to be “Alpha” in your own right because you’ve supposedly “taken the red pill” and can now “see the matrix.” You start going out, having a bunch of un-fulfilling one-night stands with “9’s” *cough*6’s*cough*, eventually getting an STD and later nearly get accused of rape once. You post on the comment sections of multiple blogs and a few fora hoping for a upvote/rep point/reply/featured comment by the proprietor. Congratulations, you’re an official Manosphere Real Alpha Male™ now!

What you actually are is someone who’s pathetically looking for validation from a father-figure and for a person to blindly follow.

Which by the way isn’t what a “leader of men” actually does.


Usually, I try to end my posts with something positive but in this case I just can’t. There is a cancer of extreme negativity in this corner of the internet that will consume all in its path. You see it with the constant bitching, whining, and complaining about feminism, for example. Just because a big name gets his jollies (and probably money via clicks) from trolling feminists doesn’t mean you have to dive and swim in the same rotting cesspool he boxed himself into.

It’s fucking depressing to see what once was “write on how to get better at stuff” has now become “write listicle clickbait to go viral due to outrage trolling.”

For the guys that are genuinely out to help others (often without compensation or out of their own pockets), thank you for your time.

For the rest of you who see the Red Pill as a way to shuttle your personal issues onto something else, or those who enter solely with the purpose of making a quick and dishonest buck, go fuck yourself. Take your vitriol, your hate, and your $9.99 50 page ebooks and get the fuck out you scum sucking lowlife weak-minded pieces of shit. You are no longer welcome nor can be considered as a fellow denizen of the Manosphere.


15 thoughts on “Manosphere Rage

      • I see his channels for what micro niche they fill, and they fill them well. Strictly speaking of ROK, I agree there is some third party content that makes your point though. Ultimately, however, it’s his brand to manage.

        As for the ragers in the community I see it like this: some men just need to work their shit out. Being there to help those that want/need it or are willing to at least look makes it worthwhile. Better put: making a difference with other men has its value in society regardless of what a man knows or doesn’t. More simply put: we add value or we are worthless.

        Of course there are likely more talkers (keyboard Casanovas et. al.) than walkers (men making a difference), but I do see quite a bit of knowledge exchange between the have’s and have nots. That is even if it is only horse to water. Just a drop of truth/guidance/solidarity is progress for some.

        As they say about haters, “they goin’ to hate.” I ignore the booing. Its coming from the cheap seats anyway.

        At any rate, we all have to walk our own walk. Some slower than others.

  1. Solid post man. It’s unfortunate that this type of thing is happening increasingly more everywhere (I almost remember when YouTube was a bit more civilized). It’s almost like these guys on the pua forums get their karma. They have this behavior because they don’t succeed with women -> They don’t succeed because of this behavior.

  2. I know this is an old post but I’ve only read it today as it was suggested on the bottom of your recent post about why we shouldn’t care about how red pill something is.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I found the below really funny

    “If you feel the need to savage me since I don’t have a triple-digit notch count, a soft harem, or am not making my money online, go ahead.”

    You have some really good content here. Thanks for sharing!

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