Lesson Learned

If you’re a follower of me on Twitter, you’ll know I’m in the exploratory phase of starting a podcast. Last night, I sat down in front of my computer, opened Audacity, hit “record” and started talking into my microphone. 46 minutes later I hit stop, satisfied.

After doing some basic editing (Noise canceling, deleting some of my longer pauses) I saved the project. Now for some reason I canceled that action, then deleted the files that appeared on my desktop (I was surprised at the size of the data for some reason). Thinking these were temps, I emptied the recycle bin and moved back to Audacity.

This was my one big mistake.

I then exported the project to an mp3 format then opened up the file to listen to it.


Although I could see the waveform on my screen, the project had nothing in it. A “Save As” didn’t help at all and since I permanently deleted the original data, I couldn’t restore it.

I cursed, then started laughing at my mistake. Yeah, I did just flush maybe 2 hours worth of work down the drain, but I did gain some experience with this for my upcoming second attempt.

I learned a valuable lesson for next time, mainly let the project finish saving before doing anything!


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