#NoNothingNovember 2014

About a year ago, Kid Strangelove created a challenge for himself in the month of November to shed some of his vices. He named it “No Nothing November.” Based on the goals he set out, this was a pure self-improvement venture.

With his success last year at kicking a few habits, he’s partnered up Manosphere.com with r/TheRedPill to make this year’s No Nothing November even bigger.

This time around, I figured I’d participate.

As I mentioned on my podcast on Friday, I was going to write a post about my three things that I’m going to improve on.

No Slacking
This has been a problem for me for a long time now. To be honest, I’m fairly lazy and procrastinate with a lot of things, despite being a diligent and logical scientist. Most days I’ve been putting off doing things because “there’s always tomorrow.” As a result, stuff piles up and I essentially waste my time on unproductive time wasters (usually YouTube videos).

To remedy this I’ll be focusing on four things:

1.  Get back into a regular gym schedule (3 times a week, and hopefully up to every other day)

2.  Keep doing a podcast weekly (Fridays)

3.  Post once a week on my blog (Mondays)

4.  Devote more time to and be more proactive my job search

No Porn
Now, I really don’t have a such a problem with porn where I’m searching for some deviant stuff so I can get off or downloading gigabytes of torrented files each weekend. I just love the nude female form (especially the buxom ones). So what usually happens is that I would be doing something on my computer and then flip over to Freeones or xHamster and looked at some pictures or a video. Basically, I’d end up slacking off and wasting time.

No Masturbation
Yeah, I know I think the No Fap challenge is bullshit, but this is more of a self-control thing. This could be coupled with the No Porn one, since usually the porn viewing usually leads to “taking care” of myself.


Instead of doing weekly/daily updates via posts, I’ll be talking exclusively about my progress and setbacks on “The Venerdi Podcast.”


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