The Venerdi Podcast – Episode #6

In this episode of The Venerdi Podcast I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, do a #NoNothingNovember update, rant about how a “sexist” shirt isn’t why girls don’t go into the sciences, do another rant on how much I hate the overuse of autotune in American pop music (where you’ll also hear me sing a few bars), and end with a PSA for safe driving in the winter.

Listen below at the following link:
The Venerdi Podcast – Episode #6

Go here and paste the video’s URL there if you want a mp3 to listen to on your music player of choice.

Music Credits
Intro: “Il Canto degli Italiani” (Goffreddo Mameli/Michele Novaro)
Outro: “Giuseppe” (Antonio Zimmerman)


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