#NoNothingNovember Roundup

Well, its been an interesting month. I learned some things that made me pause and reflect on them.

What surprised me the most was that the self-discipline that I thought I had wasn’t as strong as I thought.

I backslid more than once.

I skipped going to the gym because I felt like shit or was lazy.

I got dejected and stopped my job search for a while (to be fair though, the prospects in my field still suck and my lack of practical lab experience doesn’t help raise me above the herd). It seems I’m not that crazy after all.

Although, there have been a few good things that came out of this month, being “The Venerdi Podcast” and an almost weekly post here on the blog.

Moving forward, I’m going to have to relearn and execute the discipline I used to have in college and grad school. I need to force myself to go to the gym no matter how I feel (unless I have a fever or a really bad cough). I must not get discouraged with my job search and keep looking, because something is bound to hit. Finally, I need to get out there and talk to girls again.

Overall, I think my first foray in #NoNothingNovember was a successful one. Let’s see what I’ll be up to for the next one!


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