The Venerdi Podcast – Episode #11

In this hour-long episode of The Venerdi Podcast, I wish you a happy New Year, talk about my Christmas holiday and gripe about there not being enough coffee creamers at work. I then go into a rant ripping into manosphere bloggers who intentionally use RSS chicanery to boost their traffic and end up making a vow in the process. I end with answering a question from a reader that turns into yet another rant.

Listen below at the following link:
The Venerdi Podcast – Episode #11

Go here and paste the video’s URL there if you want a mp3 to listen to on your music player of choice.

Music Credits
Intro: “Il Canto degli Italiani” (Goffreddo Mameli/Michele Novaro)
Outro: “Giuseppe” (Antonio Zimmerman)


4 thoughts on “The Venerdi Podcast – Episode #11

  1. The RSS excerpt issue might actually be a tech glitch with certain premium WordPress themes like Genesis.

    For example, I currently have my RSS settings set to show the full post.

    But for some reason it only shows the excerpt in my feed. I can’t figure out how to fix it, so I just leave it as is.

    • Maybe it’s a glitch, maybe it isn’t. In this “pageviews = $$$” climate, I think it is very much deliberately done.

      Your feed does show the full post in Feedly.

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