Manosphere Dissent

In the past year or so, there has been rising voice of dissent within the Manosphere. Guys that were getting fed up with the whining about feminism, the generalizations based on ridiculously small sample sizes, the monthly internet drama/tiffs, and the puzzlement at being called a “beta” or a “faggot” for questioning the motives or life choices of some of the Manosphere’s “heroes.”

Rightfully so, this voice has been getting louder. Guys are reading these writings and then scratching their head thinking, “huh, that’s completely opposite from what I observe day-to-day in my everyday life.” A small voice of doubt is then raised in the back of their mind about the possibility that this “hero” being wrong about other things too.

“What if all American girls aren’t whores?”

“Why would I want to get rid of an otherwise good girl in most regards, just so I can chase new tail?”

“Does this author have some sort of issue with trust or attachment?”

“Why should I scrounge for pennies online, when I can make dollars at my day job?”

“How come some faceless internet person decides whether what I do with my life is ‘Alpha’ or ‘Beta’?”

These doubting voices have to be crushed by these authors, otherwise they lose readers. Due to the extreme monetization of many blogs of late, the loss of readers translates to a loss of money. Therefore dissent from the “true” ideology is not tolerated at all.

They viciously attack the dissenter.

They rant, rave, and cause drama for days (consequentially raising traffic to their sites).

They have folders on their computers full of screenshots for later use.

Their supporters don’t question anything due to high online “reputation.”


It took me some time to start to question some of the things that I’ve been reading in the Manosphere. As is my nature, I usually try to give some more “out there” ideas a fair shake before possibly dismissing them. But the recent goings on where dissent was actively crushed really began to irk me. So I began to write more generally about these problems in my as of now ongoing “Manosphere Series.” Recently leading up to documenting and calling out a fraud at Return of Kings, and being more vocal (pun intended) with “The Venerdi Podcast.”

The problem, as I see it, is that most of these writers that have a lot of clout in the Manosphere have preached a “question authority” message for years now. However, when someone actually goes and validly questions the authority, they get shut down, drowned out, and banned. It also doesn’t help that you have a slew of “Yes-men sock puppets” in the comment sections or fora to blindly support the writer’s view.

You can’t claim to be for open discourse when banning/attacking/flaming/trolling those who disagree with you. Yeah, I know the Manosphere as a whole doesn’t agree on everything, but trying to stifle dissent? That’s one thing a supposed “free thinker” would never do, and I believe that we all can agree on that.


7 thoughts on “Manosphere Dissent

  1. You’re doing good work, and it’s nice that someone else has the balls to call out the bullshit. It’s all about money, now. That’s why they have to silence dissent. Might hurt their book sales or ad revenue.

  2. “You can’t claim to be for open discourse when banning/attacking/flaming/trolling those who disagree with you.”

    Truth. I’ve experienced this first hand when trying to call out some “gurus” for promoting fraudulent stuff. It’s a shame that authors supposedly dedicated to self-improvement can’t follow their own advice.

    Once you pull back the internet facade of bravado, it’s pretty clear that a lot of these guys don’t take their own medicine and knowingly fleece their readers. That’s the part that irks me. I’m all for monetizing a blog if you bring real value to your readers. My easy definition for that is: Do your customers feel like they got a good value for their money and would they recommend you/your services to a friend. IF you satisfy those two requirements then I think you’re doing a good job, but saying one thing and doing another is never a way for a man to live.

    I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror. Nice post – thanks for writing this.

  3. You’re just jealous! Just kidding—that is the kind of pathetic response I get when I point out the same things or have the nerve to criticize/disagree with a woman. Cause clearly, the only way you would ever disagree is if you are jealous, not because your point might actually have some merit. You basically have to repeat back manosphere memes 100% of the time and be part of the echo chamber or you are a troll.

    Your post about the RoK fraud is a good example of why I don’t rely on anecdotes. Anyone can make up a personal story to convey a point, doesn’t have to be true at all. In one instance, someone told a story of someone they “know” and it was then taken on this particular thread as “smoking gun” evidence that a point is valid….just cause someone says a story about who they “know”, which may or may not be true. And even if it was true, doesn’t mean it will be true for the next person.

    There is the other problem of many being so convinced that their personal experience is how it has been for everyone that they can’t even conceive that it would be different for someone else.

    This is on point

  4. I recently start reading the Manosphere a couple of months ago (first look at your blog today) and I think you’re very right about this. I reckon there are two types of bloggers; people who have insightful and interesting opinions based on reasoning (see the rational male) and people who’s ego’s have grown to the size of Everest due to high readership. The high readership is likely due to having extreme opinions which are maybe fabricated for clicks or they actually convince themselves these beliefs are true because it suits their outlook on life (see yes men and Matt Forney). Glad I can still come across reasonable opinions like yours.

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