Why You Shouldn’t Care About How “Red Pill” Something Is

A few times after my entry into the Manosphere, I made the mistake of following some terrible advice. Due to the nebulous and sometimes contradictory definition of “Alpha” or exactly what red pill thought looks like in action, there have been a host of fictional archetypes put up as examples to follow. James Bond (of the books) and Don Draper would be a typical examples thrown out.

It’s difficult sometimes when reading a lot of the stuff in this corner of the internet to determine what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s absolutely absurd. Having both an open mind and a functional bullshit detector is key.

So after hearing from multiple sources that this one specific show was both “hilarious” and “massively red pill,” I added the first season of it to my Netflix disc queue. A few days later I got the first two disc in the mail.

I popped in disc one and watched the pilot, expecting to laugh a few times due to all the Manosphere hype about this show. However, I laughed exactly once during the entire episode, and only at this beginning scene:

Thinking “maybe it’ll get better,” I hit play on episode 2. Roughly about halfway through it I hit stop, removed the disc, and prepped both the discs to be mailed back to Netflix. I then updated my queue, removing the rest of season one.

For all the hype the Kenny Powers character gets with his IDGAF attitude and supposed “red pill outlook,” I personally found him to be absolutely pathetic. For every minuscule red pill nugget, you had to dig through a mountain of baseless arrogance, bravado, and lack of self-awareness to find it. To be honest, I had little sympathy for the character and believed he frankly deserved everything that came to him. He had a false facade showing to the world, and he knew that it was. Him crying himself to sleep at the end of the pilot illustrates that.

“But, Beppo, you didn’t watch the whole series! How can you make a snap judgement like that?”

Easy, the show wasn’t entertaining. Full stop.

I wasn’t going to force myself to watch it just because everyone else in the Manosphere was absolutely gushing about how “red pill” it was. I have better things to do with my time than to waste it on something I disliked. Which brings me to the point I was trying to make:

You shouldn’t care all that much about how “red pill” something is.

The red pill is a way of thinking, not an ideology or religion.

There are no tenants or holy scripture.

The fact that you care how “red pill” or “alpha/beta” something is shows you care more about how this will look to others. Caring about externalities isn’t a healthy way to live your life.

Of course there will be those that disagree with what you do or how you go about your journey. Telling you you’re wrong for not doing exactly what they did.

What works for you won’t work for others, and vice versa.

Life is a path independent state function.

Remember, you have to live your life and you only have one to live. So don’t spend it sitting around arguing minutiae about “red pill” or “Alpha Male™” levels/gradients.


17 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Care About How “Red Pill” Something Is

  1. While it’s good advice not to care if entertainment media is red pill, the problem with your view is that Eastbound and Down is an amazing, hilarious show and this has nothing to do with whether or not it’s “red pill” (like HBO gives a shit).

    This just shows you are wrong and have incorrect taste.

    How does it feel to be wrong?

    • I guess you missed the part where I said I didn’t find it funny, or where I said I bought into Manosphere hype about how “awesome” the show was supposed to be?

      “Incorrect taste”
      I didn’t know you were an arbiter of what is good and proper. I bow to your superior intelligence and taste in premium TV shows!

      • I didn’t miss the part where you stated that you failed to find it funny at all.

        My comment addresses that by pointing out that your taste is wrong.

        This is not related to intelligence, please don’t try to change the subject.

        Once again, how does it feel to be wrong?

    • Are you really telling someone their tastes are “wrong?” Everything is opinion, and subjective, you fool.

      I think all TV is bad, and don’t have cable/satellite TV. Are you going to tell me that my tastes are “wrong” because I spend my time reading books and farming?

      No ones tastes are “wrong.” While they may be different from your own, they are still valid in their own right. You are a fool and an ass if you continue thinking your own tastes in entertainment are a guidleline for what is right and proper.

  2. Owned. [No, not really. Thanks for playing though! – BV]

    Good blog btw, this is my first time stumbling across it. I discovered it from The Man the Myth’s twitter feed. [Forgive me if I call into doubt your sincerity.]

  3. Great post. Thank you!

    Though… I think “Eastbound and Down” IS great and absolutely funny, but hey – where’s the problem if someone else DOESN’T think it’s funny? If everyone shared my opinion, life would be boring. No one to learn from.

    Every book I read, every blog post I go through, every music I listen to, there is always something that sticks with me. I try to find what I can apply to my own life and then remember it. I am pretty sure the things I remember are different from anyone else’s. And that’s cool.

    One thing that stuck out personally to me: Chris from Good Looking Loser has this definition of an “alpha male” – if you want to use the word “alpha”: “Do whatever the fuck you want”. I find this a GREAT motto to live by.

    Blue pill, red pill – who cares? I like the blogs here on this realm of the internet because I find my opinion best represented by them. But I also like some “blue pill” stuff. So what? What would be the point of leaving the “blue pill”, only now to let yourself be fenced in by “red pill” dogma? That wouldn’t be freedom at all.

    I actually think a “blue piller” who goes to work every day, slowly rising through the corporate ranks, is better than a “red piller” who takes no action, but spouts dogma from his keyboard.

  4. How can one man be so right about so many things?

    Feels so good to be right.

    [If I’m so wrong, why do you keep coming back? Also, what the hell are you talking about? – BV]

    • I’m still waiting for you to tell us all how it feels to be wrong, duh. Thanks for the nod on Twitter.

      And, as I said, I like your blog (despite your fatal wronghood about Eastbound and Down).

  5. While I believe I see your point (I confess, I may be mistaken), I do feel it matters – to a certain degree – how “red pill” (yes, I hate the term but since it was applied here I’ll continue it’s use for clarity) one’s viewing and reading habits are.

    Art, being intellectual food, has a profound effect on our mental state, acuity and thought processes.

    As the old computer saying goes;

    Garbage in, garbage out.

    As you say:

    “The red pill is a way of thinking, not an ideology or religion.”

    Many (read: most) in these parts view the “red pill'” (ugh) as a set of facts.

    When, in fact, it should be a PROCESS (akin to the scientific method; another reason I loathe the term).

    With the preceding statement firmly in mind, recall that, as humans, we mimic actions of others and socially reference our own CONSTANTLY.

    Far more than we realize, Truth be told.

    Put something on television long enough, and it becomes “normal”.

    No matter what it is.

    Thus, I say be mindful of what you consume.

    Intellectual fast food is fine, now and then.

    But a steady diet is downright fatal.

  6. “The red pill is a way of thinking, not an ideology or religion.”

    Exactly. It has become more of a religion or in some cases, a cult.

    On the red pill women reddit there are questions asked whether something is “red pill enough”. Books, movies, even a particular love interest have to be run by the authorities to see if it up to snuff. Cause heaven forbid you read something that isn’t red pill or date a man that isn’t red pill or think for yourself.



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