Excerpt From A Book On My Reading List

The rest of my reading list for Winter 2014-2015 is here.

I was recently reading through Robert Conroy’s “Red Inferno: 1945” and came across this little gem (emphasis is mine):

But it’s the other type, the academics and the scientists who were highly educated, intelligent, and, therefore, should have known better. They read the theories of Marx and Lenin, but they closed their eyes when they heard about the massacres committed by Lenin and then Stalin. When hundreds of prominent people disappeared, they should have wondered, and even a dunce could have seen that the trial of so many were charades leading to death. But while many of them left the Communist movement disillusioned and really are of only minor concern to us, a number of others didn’t quit. They are totally unrepentant and rationalize their beliefs by saying that the excesses are either lies or just growing pains, like the Terror in the French Revolution. They feel that communism will, in the end, prevail and create a classless paradise in which people will be free to learn and teach to their heart’s content. The fact that Stalin is a dictator is a mere inconvenience. These are people who are dangerous because many of them are in positions of leadership and can influence Allied policy. Worse, some of them might be able to give secret information to the Reds. They would be traitors to us, but a true believer in communism wouldn’t be worried about that label.

Pretty much sums up why the most devoted followers of failed Leftist ideologies are usually academics.


2 thoughts on “Excerpt From A Book On My Reading List

  1. Thanks for this reminder.

    As someone who is working in academia and planning to transition into his own business, I can say this: I used to like liberal politics. Until I realized that I now will have to provide for my own income. Those taxes are not looking as positive as they did before.

    I think academics like leftist policies because: (a) they don’t have to think about producing something that has actual market value; (b) they get paid by leftist, but not so much by conservative governments.

    It really is as simple as “follow the money”.

    If you close your eyes to where the money that pays you actually comes from, it is very easy to fall in love with a “classless society”.

  2. The mere thoughts of socialism/communism prove to be dangerous seeds that germinate in the wrong minds. The “useful idiots” who, to this day, support the tenets of communism and the eradication of the individual commit wholesale damage to mankind.

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