The Venerdi Podcast – Episode #31

In this episode of “The Venerdi Podcast” I give an update on my current “moving in” status and how I’m settling into my apartment. Then I rant/ramble about the seemingly sleazy rebranding of the Manosphere in Roosh’s “True Faith” of “Neomasculinity.”

I’m still looking for feedback on possibly getting the podcast audio hosted in other places, so please let me know if you’d like to see “The Venerdi Podcast” on SoundCloud/iTunes/Podbean/etc.

Listen below at the following link:
The Venerdi Podcast – Episode #31

Go here and paste the video’s URL there if you want a mp3 to listen to on your music player of choice.

Music Credits
Intro: “Il Canto degli Italiani” (Goffreddo Mameli/Michele Novaro)
Outro: “Giuseppe” (Antonio Zimmerman)


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