“The Venerdi Podcast” is Now Available for Download

So I finally bit the bullet and signed up for Soundcloud to host “The Venerdi Podcast” as mp3’s. I know I’ve been waffling recently about actually doing this (because of the cost for the Pro/Pro Unlimited plan), mostly due to the thought of “nobody listens to my podcast anyways.” Now this probably would be considered some type of avoidance (weasel) behavior, and you’d probably be right. I’m not poor by any means, but I have a natural hesitation in spending money, for the most part, on frivolous things. I’d probably be a poor entrepreneur.

Anyways, since I’ve been fairly consistent with putting out a weekly podcast for almost a year now, I figured I should probably get out of my comfort zone and step my game up. Do some “Year 2” type stuff.

For now though, I have the “Partner” level (free) account in order to:
1. See the demand with the next few episodes (or until I hit the 180 minute cap)
2. If demand is high enough, upgrade to Pro/Pro Unlimited and upload the back episodes
3. Eventually get the podcast onto iTunes
4. “Expand” my presence here in the sphere

For those that are used to listening on YouTube, don’t worry, the podcast will still be uploaded there as always. While it does entail more work on my end, I’m just doing this to expand and branch out to those that don’t want to listen via YouTube (*cough*AaronClarey*cough).

Thank you for listening, and your support in the past year.


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