Why I Haven’t Written Anything Recently

The short answer: no motivation or inspiration in general.

I don’t mind writing, and in fact enjoy it when I have something to write about. As of late though, I haven’t had the motivation to update the blog since many other writers articulate my thoughts in a better fashion. I’ve still been sort of keeping up with my personal diary, the content of the entries which for the most part would be unsuitable for publishing here (and are, to be frank, depressing). Even under this cloak of anonymity I’m still wary about talking about myself.

When I started this blog, I wasn’t expecting to have a bunch of traffic or readers. Since I refuse to bring garbage into my domain by writing response pieces, diatribes on how “all American girls are whores,” or listicles to generate traffic based on “hate clicks,” I remain one the lesser known bloggers in this corner of the internet. Hell, I may be the biggest user of #manospherebeefs on twitter, but I don’t go out to intentionally troll or slam people. It’s just not in my nature to be antagonistic.

This place was created in order to somewhat document what I’ve been experiencing, my observations, possible insights, and maybe help my writing to improve. Adding to the Manosphere body of knowledge, if you will.

To be honest, I’ve been disillusioned as of late with the Sphere. The constant bickering and flame wars between Cult Leader #1 and Cult Leader #2, the attempts to co-op and rebrand the Sphere for personal profit, the hamhanded and over-the-top affiliate marketing, and the general darkness has had me take many steps back from the ever expanding abyss. Why would I want to contribute to negativity and lose my soul in the process? No normal and sane person should desire that at all.

Couple that with being in a job that will essentially dead-end my career and a frustrating, fruitless job search, hasn’t given me motivation to write. Even my podcast has been suffering of late, I sometimes feel as if I’m just phoning it in for the week. I’m just drained mentally.

There has been some good coming out of my blog. I’ve called out frauds here. I’ve written about the nonsense and misguided rage in this corner of the internet. I’ve educated those on the truth about STEM degrees, and how the calls for “more” are total BS. I started a weekly podcast and a YouTube channel.

There are things I am not though. I’m not a player. I’m not one that has to chase pussy in order to “keep up” with faceless internet denizens. I don’t hate American girls. I could care less about feminism. I don’t care about the constant intentionally created drama. I really don’t want to be well known.

I just want to find my way and move through life.


2 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Written Anything Recently

  1. I feel you brother.I am in a similar predicament but I keep on fighting.And unemployment in Greece is around 28%. I suggest you save money and relocate to NYC and/or pursue a doctorate.I am sorry I don’t see any other option.Even Master’s degrees are commonplace nowadays.

    As far as the ‘sphere is concerned it is the 80/20 rule.80% is keyboard jockeys, e-scammers,overall socially maladapted individuals and 20% is helpful advice.You learn and move on.

    I used to devour posts by Wall Street Playboys but something did not sit well with me and I thought they were posturing.I asked you about them for the podcast and lo and behold they block me on Twitter despite me RTing them multiple times.

    Keep posting and recording

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