After The End: The Beginning of The End

Before The End…

The White House
Washington DC
Mid November 2016

“Good evening.”

“My fellow Americans, as you all know, we recently completed one of the great traditions of our country: the act of a free and enlightened people exercising their right to vote for their representatives in government. Many elections have come and passed in the history of our country, some contentious, and some welcome. Democracy is a flame that burns bright with ideals and emotions, a flame that should not be allowed to extinguish.

“So with a heavy heart I am addressing you, the People of this great nation, that the Federal Elections Commission, aided by a non-partisan poll watching group, has uncovered an unheard of amount of electoral fraud in the most recent election. Some examples of which include deceased people voting, a person voting multiple times, and ballot totals being in excess of 100% in many localities.

“This cannot stand. I will not sit idly by and see our sacred act of voting sullied by the frauds and cheats of the Republican party. Unfortunately, I will have to unilaterally take action to preserve the integrity of the vote and the honor of the great United States of America.

“As of tonight at midnight, an Executive Order I have issued will go into effect, nullifying the results of the most recent election. New elections will be held, but will be postponed to a future date until such time that the FEC discovers, roots out, and prosecutes the perpetrators of this fraud.

“Right now, as I am speaking to you, my Justice Department is now serving over 5000 arrest warrants on the GOP leadership and their high-ranking advisors in the Washington DC-area. In addition, the FBI, DEA, ATF, Homeland Security, and local police forces across the country are also taking into custody these heinous perpetrators of fraud.

“Also on my order, all US Military forces, home and abroad, have been put on high alert. I have also asked the State’s Governors to call up National Guard units to be deputized and assist in bringing these criminals to justice.

“Never in our Country’s great history has such electoral fraud occurred on such a scale, and I personally vow to you, the American People, that justice will be served on these evil men and women. They will pay for their crimes of sullying the honor and dignity of every man, woman, and child in our great and glorious Country!

“We as a people with get to the bottom of this, and pull through this arduous time together. I am confident that all loyal citizens will assist law enforcement in rooting out the enemies in our midst, and preventing such a horrendous act from occurring ever again!

“Thank you for being strong in these trying times, and may god bless the United States of America!”


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