Abandoned Idea

This has been sitting in my Drafts since April, I figured I should finally publish it.

While I was taking a shower on Saturday, I had a great idea for a post. I was going to satirize the keyboard intellectuals that have infected this corner of the internet. The post was going to be entitled “25 Reasons Why You Should Get a STEM Degree” (which would only have a total of five reasons). Also, I was going to write it as a “guest post” using some over-the-top Real Alpha Male™ pseudonym.

Thinking it would be fun, and considering that I was ahead on my recordings for YouTube, I started to draft the post while I was rinsing off the soap.

What I roughly came up with was:
– Over the top pseudonym (“Professor Alpha McRedPill”)
– Talking with authority/knowledge, yet saying things a real STEM degree holder would immediately see as BS.
– Some extreme exaggeration involving finances, coursework, and women.
– Outro byline saying: “Prof […] is a graduate student in political science at Big State U”

However, when I sat down to write out the draft I started to craft in my mind, I abandoned it. No matter how much I wanted to skewer the ROK Google intellectual types, it just wasn’t worth it.

What would it get me, besides a few favorites on Twitter and maybe a two day bump in traffic?

Wouldn’t I just be participating in the clickbait nonsense that I ridicule so often, even if I was mocking it?

Hell, I’d rather go read a book and make better use of my time.


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