After The End: News Dispatch

After The End…

September, 18 2017
Washington DC
Associated Press Newswire

(AP/Reuters) In a bold and unprecedented move both the United States House of Representatives and the Senate have passed a motion to rewrite the United States Constitution, a White House spokesman announced yesterday.

“We’re confident that with this rewrite of our Country’s highest legal document, the people of the United States will finally have the peace of mind knowing that rule-of-law has finally been restored after a year of uncertainty and unrest.”

While exactly what will be written into this second version of the Constitution is unknown, many international human rights groups say that these proposed changes will not be good for the American people.

Jeet van der Hooton, President of Human Rights Watch, an NGO, commented on shocking information coming out from within the United States’ borders: “There have been many unconfirmed reports leaking out of the US in the past year or so concerning mass arrests and imprisonment of political enemies, persecution and execution of ‘enemies of the state,’ the silencing of free speech, and the establishment of forced labor camps where atrocities against political prisoners are committed. It is frankly shocking to see this sort of thing happening in 2017 in the supposed ‘land of the free’.”

The White House spokesman, when asked for comment by AP, denied these allegations and countered that they were “erroneous” and “propaganda” and that the arrests “[…] were an internal security matter based on bringing the perpetrators of the 2016 Vote Fraud scandal to justice, and are not connected in any way with political decisions of the Government or the Democrat Party.”

The first meeting for the Second Constitutional Convention is set to begin in early October.


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