After The End: Memorandum

After The End…

Office of the Perpetual President of the United States
The White House
Washington DC

16 March 2020

To: American State Media Outlets (Print/TV/Radio/Electronic/Web)
Subject: Talking Points and Guidelines about newly opened Re-Americanization Centers


It has come to the attention of The White House that there has been much atrocity propaganda circulating in the foreign press concerning the detention of the perpetrators of the Great 2016 Vote Fraud.

What follows are the talking points you will use and report with when the Perpetual President announces the rebranding of the current detention areas – former FEMA camps – into “Re-Americanization Centers” in the next month.

1. A model and ideal “Re-Americanization Center” is being constructed for the State Media to take footage of and interview handpicked internees. A schedule of when each network/news agency will come to the center will be available next week, with timeslots in the week following that (release this coverage after the announcement by the Perpetual President, roughly mid-April 2020).

2. No foreign media outlets will be invited to or allowed to film the model center.

3. Constantly remind the consumers in your pieces about the Great 2016 Vote Fraud and how our glorious Perpetual President foiled a plot by the evil and racist Radical Right.

4. The Center is to be shown in a very positive light where internees are rehabilitated to rejoin normal society. The constructed model will corroborate and showcase this viewpoint.

5. Downplay the atrocity propaganda as lies spread by our enemies.

6. As always, please be on the lookout for possible leaks of information to foreign press agencies and also for wrongthink amongst your coworkers. The Department of Fair Press tip-line is both secure and anonymous, and rest assured all tips are scrutinized with utmost seriousness and followed through with vigor.

7. Finally, any inquires by foreign media outlets on this subject should be directed to the Perpetual President’s Office of Foreign Press Relations.

Thank you for your cooperation in this manner.

In Fairness and Social Justice,

Brayden Schultz, MA
Office of the Perpetual President
Assistant Press Secretary, Internal


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