Res Gestae

I had fun with this, a “Be ___” type of thing that you see online, which was too long for my Twitter. Enjoy.

>Be a guy
>Meet a girl
>Fall in love with girl
>Get heart-broken by girl
>Get angry (that bitch!)
>Search Google dot com for “why the bitch broke up with me”
>Discover The Red Pill and The Dark Triad
>Get angry at external things (uggh, feminists!)
>Skip on being introspective (it’s for betas)
>Adopt an absolutist mentality (real alphas do [this]!)
>Talk in jargon online and IRL (hypergamy/r-types/solipsism)
>Stay angry at external things (uggh, betas!)
>Open account on Twitter dot com
>Buy 13k Twitter followers
>Create a fake persona (Prof. Businessman Player McAlpha)
>Zealously enforce and tone police Red Pill Orthodoxy (you know, you sound like a beta bitch boy virgin, and you won’t get pussy with a mindset like that)
>Stay angry at external things (uggh, losers!)
>Fake your “accomplishments” (how many girls? hundreds. how much money do I make? millions.)
>Achieve nothing lasting
>Stay angry at external things (uggh, people!)
>Never form any lasting and real relationships
>Die alone


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