They Do Not Want to Fight

The “True Conservatives” that are the most vocal say that they’re “fighting the Left,” but reality is much different.

Picture yourself in early Renaissance Italy, where you have the major powers in the peninsula vying for control, and also the fear of an invasion by France or Spain. Also imagine that you’re a soldier in a well-stocked, well-armed and impregnable city and fortress. The people adore your Duke and would fight to the death for him.

One day a scout for the Venetian army crests the hill leading up to the walls. You sound the alarm and begin preparations to sally out and for a prolonged siege. Scouts are sent out, reporting back that the Venetian army is on its way. The people are tense, but ready to fight for their Duke.

Enter stage left the late-XV Century version of “True Conservative.” He’s a fairly wealthy man and owes his fortune to trade (with whom, no one knows) and a sizable inheritance from his father. He also sits on the Duke’s Council because of his “influence.” This man, even after seeing the preparations you and you men have made for war, advises the Duke to surrender immediately. Shocked gasps erupt around the Council chamber.

“We’re well supplied and by the scout’s reports, well equipped to repulse the Venetian army,” says the Marshall, “It won’t be easy, but it is not impossible.”

The Podesta adds, “I believe that the people will rebel and still fight the Venetians, even if you ordered them to lay down their arms.”

Your beloved Duke takes all of this under advisement, and dismisses everyone except the “True Conservative.”

The next morning you wake up to find the city and the fortress are occupied by the Venetians, who quietly entered the city and fortress via lowered gates, and that your Duke fled after receiving a guarantee of safe conduct to Ravenna. The people were stunned at the quiet capitulation even with all the meticulous preparations and the fighting will to resist.

Over the next few days, the original Council is rounded up, tried, and executed by the newly appointed Governor of your city: the “True Conservative.”

Before you yourself are hanged, you find out from a fellow prisoner that the new Governor didn’t care one way or the other for the Venetians, but was more concerned with the money he was making off of them in trade.

The “True Conservative” Governor sings the praises of the Venetians, when only months before he sang the praises of your Duke. And the same goes for the modern-day “True Conservatives” in the media where they only care for two things: Money and the love of their Enemies.


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