Predictions for the DNC

Considering I made some tentative predictions about the RNC this past week that came to be true, here’s my tentative predictions for the DNC:

– A minimum of one violent street brawl between different protesting groups (both Leftist)
– BLM will cause or nearly cause a minimum of one riot
All the DNC’s rhetoric will be purely reactionary about how Trump is an evil, white, bigoted Nazi
– The Dems will once again boo God
– They’ll also boo the traditional family
– They’ll boo the cops and law enforcement providing security
– You’ll hear an interview where someone will say: “America was never great!” before the Media can cut away from it
– They’ll overplay the race, woman, and gay cards to point where even the Media will have a “WTF?” moment
Sanders supporters will show up in force to protest (violently)
– A minimum of one shooting in the vicinity of the covention
– Someone will do the “Black Power” raised fist on stage to cheers
While Hillary will get the nod, the energy surrounding it will be very low and subdued
Some very angry Bernie delegates will walk out in protest

Any other predictions? Leave them in the comments!

EDIT: If any of these predictions come true, I’ll bold the text.


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