1000 Words Per Day Challenge

As yet another personal challenge, I am going to try to write 1000 words each day. Basically, I open a Word document and then type until I pass 1004. The extra four words are to compensate for the date and day at the beginning.

Here are the basic rules I will be following:
– Once per day open a blank Microsoft Word document and type about anything to get to 1000 words
– Any sentences/thoughts need to be finished even if above the 1000 word goal
– Be descriptive
– No “Scientific Passive” voice
– See how long you can go before “breaking the chain”

Once I do “break the chain” or have a month’s worth of documents (30), whichever comes first, I’ll begin posting them here to my blog in edited form.

The first one, yesterday, took about 1 hour to write and I’m expecting future ones to be the same. Let’s see if I can keep this one up.


6 thoughts on “1000 Words Per Day Challenge

  1. From my own experience, write down what your 1,000+ words were about every day and keep that information in a word document or excel sheet.

    Otherwise, you forget the thoughts you had 45 days back.

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